July 19, 2013

Sound Bites: Antwon, Drake and Earl Sweatshirt

Antwon's "Dying In the Pussy"

Underground San Jose rhymer Antwon made it onto AS' BUZZSound radar a few months ago bolstered by the hype surrounding his mixtapes, which showcase his eclectic vision of mashing up big-sounding '90s rap vocals, dark-coated ambiance and hints of an undying love of thrash in its delivery. This week, Suicide Squeeze released a new 7" single of his featuring the fresh cuts "Dying In the Pussy" and "Life Is What You Make It" on the flipside. You can hear the A-side below, which puffs out some carnal lust over a beat production that would under any other circumstance share more in common with today's cold pop makers, but considering Antwon is the type of rapper who crosses genre lines by teaming up with members of Deafheaven, chalk "Dying In the Pussy" up as another success for the burly Bay Area artist's ability to go outside-the-box.

Drake's “Girls Love BeyoncĂ©" (SBTRKT Edit)

The flashy, sultry sounding aesthetic behind Drake's rap game gets a lot of credit for making him the big brand hip-hop superstar he is today, and it's no wonder when his Rolodex reads like a who's who of the most cutting edge beatmakers on the planet. Back in 2011, he managed to make a friend out of U.K. dancehall producer SBTRKT when he jumped into and remixed his Little Dragon collaboration "Wildfire," and now the London-based electrician is paying it forward by reimagining Drizzy's recent cut “Girls Love BeyoncĂ©." For his part, SBTRKT washes away Drake's pillow-talking almost entirely from the mix by running it through the digitizer and lifting the steamy rhythm into the air with an ultramodern polish on glassy post-dub effects. Drake's hotly anticipated third full-length Nothing Was the Same isn't due out for another two months, but this at least satisfies the appetite momentarily.

Earl Sweatshirt's "Hive"

Earlier this week, Earl Sweatshirt dropped the nightcrawling video for "Hive," the latest great single off his long-overdue debut album Doris. It's the fourth in a string of one-word-titled tracks from the Odd Future prodigal that began with last year's "Chum" and continued with this year's "Guild" and the Tyler, the Creator featuring-"WHOA," but despite all of this new material making its way onto our playlists, we knew little details about when Doris would arrive or if any of the tracks in question would be on the album itself. All those answers have finally been put to rest, as Earl Sweatshirt has confirmed Doris will be released on August 20th through his Columbia Records imprint Tan Cressida, and yes, all of the aforementioned solids show up on the tracklist. Sweatshirt's OF cohorts Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and Domo Genesis will also make guest appearances on the LP, as well as fellow hip-hop trendsetters Mac Miller and RZA.

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