July 30, 2013

Sound Bites: Cerebral Ballzy, Heaven's Gate and TV On the Radio

Cerebral Ballzy's "Another Day"

Amid the '80s hardcore revivalism of 2011 with the Keith Morris-led OFF! leading the pack came snot-nosed Brooklynites Cerebral Ballzy with their self-titled debut chalk full of fast-paced skateboard anthems. Today, TV On the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek announced the launch of his new label Federal Prism, and to kick things off, he'll be putting out a new 7" from the BUZZSound punks featuring the new track "City Girls" and its B-side, which debuted today via Impose, called "Another Day." Those who criticized Cerebral Ballzy of being Black Flag hacks will find themselves shutting the fuck up after giving the buzzsawing post-punk number with a metalhead mid-section a listen, which you can hear below...

Heaven's Gate's "Drone"

Last Halloween, noise-pop quintet Heaven's Gate arrived on AwkwardSound's BUZZSound radar with the release of their sonic slasher High Riser EP that evoked some of shoegaze's past spirits while needling away at its haze with aggressive post-punk angles and frontwoman Jess Paps' sultry pipes bursting over the sound boards instead of evaporating within it. On September 24th, the Brooklyn-based band will release their debut full-length Transmuting on Inflated Records, and today, Stereogum premiered its first track "Drone." Contrary to what its title might conjure up in your head, the listen isn't necessarily an ambient collage of noise, but rather one that catches you off guard with a wall of guitar fractures and a sinister wave rider brought to high crests in Paps' banshee cries.

TV On the Radio's "Mercy"

Did you think David Sitek would launch a new label without throwing in something new from his own band as well? Along with the above Cerebral Ballzy track, TV On the Radio have a new single forthcoming on Federal Prism. "Mercy" is the experimental alternative act's first proper release since 2011's multi-faceted romance Nine Types of Life and a new song the band has been testing out live over the past year. The track beckons back to the millennial days where electro-clash / dance-punk / whatever-they're-calling-it-these-days stylings began to make Brooklyn the hotbed of indie influence it is today with its static-driven guitar and synth pulse pumping through its energy source. The band is reportedly at work on LP 4, with their only tour date scheduled at the moment being their sub-headliner spot to fellow BK stalwarts the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at this year's FYF Fest.

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