July 27, 2013

Sound Bites: FIDLAR, Mac DeMarco and MINKS

FIDLAR's "Awkward"

Riding on the buzz of full-throttle party anthems like "Cheap Beer," Los Angeles scuzz punks FIDLAR started 2013 off on a fun note with their self-titled debut, and in the thick of the summer, they'd like to keep that party going with the release of a new single, out August 8th on Wichita Recordings. "Awkward" originally was penned and recorded awhile back with some assistance from British whippersnapper Kate Nash, but it's been repackaged and shellacked with high-end production (and sans Nash,) turning this coarse lo-fi jangle into a bro-friendly keg stand in which its dumb chorus flirts dangerously close to the goodness of a Weezer or Wavves sing-a-long but also the terribleness of loser rock radio hits history would be best served if it forgot by conjuring up gross memories of Sum 41 and Puddle of Mudd. AS really can't tell if this just one of those stupid songs you listen to in your headphones when no one is around, or maybe it's just the worst song of the year altogether. Can it be both?

Mac DeMarco's "Young Blood"

Remember that time AwkwardSound thought some random chick had thrown herself at gap-toothed guitar-pop maker Mac DeMarco at CMJ? Turns out that's his girlfriend, and if you watched any of Pitchfork's video recaps of his set at last weekend's Pitchfork Music Festival, you probably picked up on the fact that she's a regular on-stage presence during his sets. It's these sort of goofball moves on top of the self-proclaimed Canadian slacker rocker's breakthrough sophomore effort 2 that have made him a darling in the indie world, and he's just delivered another reason to fall in love with him in his new track for the 2013 Adult Swim Singles series. "Young Blood" was inspired by a trip to WalMart, pizza and watching the classic Swayze flick from which its namesake is derived he told Interview Magazine, and follows DeMarco off the coastal sound and into a bluesy saloon. Dude has a handful of dates scattered throughout the next few months, with a stop approaching at this year's FYF Fest. This year's Adult Swim Singles series has already brought a great listen from DeMarco's Great White post-hardcore neighbors METZ, and plans to unveil new tracks from the likes of Marnie Stern and Lightning Bolt in the coming weeks as well.

MINKS' "Margot"

DeMarco's Captured Tracks labelmates in MINKS are readying the release of their second full-length when Tides End arrives on August 6th. Pre-BUZZSound originals, the one-time duo is now primarily the solo project of songwriter Sonny Kilfoyle who wrote the new effort after taking a sabbatical from the Brooklyn streets and immersing himself in solitude on Long Island to cure a case of writer's block. We already heard two previews from the LP in the illustriously bright "Painted Indian" and "Everything's Fine," and now we have another in the girl-homaging narrative "Margot" which swoops in with similarly color-coated textures and dazzling synths. MINKS will also pay homage to their label by taking part in Captured Tracks two-day five-year anniversary festival on August 31st and September 1st in Brooklyn alongside DIIV, Beach Fossiils, Mac DeMarco, Wild Nothing and more from its roster.

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