August 8, 2013

All Dogs

There hasn't been an exciting case of "mysterious new band" for quite some time, to the point you'd think that ship has sailed when it comes to conjuring up some good ol' fashioned Internet buzz. Yet, where 2011's meticulously crafted auras of who-are-theys such as Iceage, WU LYF and the Weeknd were to a certain extent part of those artist's image sculpting, a trio of DIY kids from Columbus, OH are unintentionally turning curious ears their way with few answers other than that they're just a band figuring out how to get shit together as the press inquiries pile in. All Dogs came to be in the basement punk scene of their hometown sometime last year, featuring the surnameless members (or so their facebook details) of Maryn, Jesse and Amanda, and make tight-knit, emotive pop-punk songs about boys, girls, BFFs and other every day endeavors that sound exponentially more profound when sung like they're taken straight from the pages of someone's diary. Lately, there's been a lot of this sort of simple, but endearing four-chord punk music going around the indie scene with the rise of the Crutchfield sisters in their respective projects Waxahatchee and Swearin', Swearin' guitarist Sam Cook-Parrott's project Radiator Hospital, Lemuria, Potty Mouth, the Don Giovanni contingent and Aye Nako, whom All Dogs will cozy in with in the coming months as their Internet profile expands. The triad recently self-released a six-song tape split of autumnal cuddlers with fellow Ohioans Slouch, which you can hear over at their BandCamp page, but their upcoming 7" single this fall on Salinas Records should fill in some of the blanks we're currently missing here. They'll also be taking part in the labels' fully-stacked 10th anniversary show lineup featuring Swearin', the Crutchfields' one-off P.S. Eliot reunion, Radiator Hospital and more. AwkwardSound would wager to bet this has the Pelly sisters' tastes written all over it, so it will patiently await their sleuthing work to uncover the rest of this DIY mystery...

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