August 3, 2013


Three years ago when AwkwardSound came to life, its first post was dedicated to an incredibly integral part of my music upbringing and a genre that has influenced this sites coverage ever since when AwkwardSound took a look at the impending return of legit emo. Most of the Aughties weren't very cool to the scene, as a bastardization in the genre's amalgamation between punk, hardcore and indie rock veered way off course to become something more akin to gross, misogynistic hair metal that I can't even, but lately, breakthroughs by Waxahatchee, Swearin', Joyce Manor, Pity Sex alongside a host of emotive post-hardcore bands are in their respective ways cleaning up the curse word. New Brunswick, NJ two-piece Dads (not to be mistaken with the side-project of Merchandise's Carson Cox and David Vassalotti) would have fit right in with AS' first original feature three years ago given their heart-on-their-sleeve approach to writing punk music that's contemplatively nostalgic about growing up, enjoyed best when heard at a house show where twinkly Christmas lights are strewn out across the walls and yet, is ready to make waves with crossover success outside DIY circles. Drummer / bassist John Bradley and guitarist Scott Scharinger came together in 2010 with a mission to bring their dueling vocals and anxious pouts to the world through relentlessly touring within basement walls and anywhere someone could provide them a floor to sleep on. Last year, their debut LP American Radass (this is important) on upstart label Flannel Gurl Records made for an impressive first step for the duo by flexing their knowledge of autumnal mid-western indie-emo and math-rock influences all the while building their own progressive indie anthems into the style. On August 6th, 6131 Records will release Dads' new four-song EP Pretty Good, a healthy growth spurt for Bradley and Scharinger that filters their sound through higher quality production and evolves the twosome's punchy heart-tugging rock into wider spaces, making comparisons of its latest listen "Boat Rich" to early Japandroids inevitable. The band recently wrapped up a tour with The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (who were just pegged to support Brand New on their forthcoming return to the road) and fellow BUZZSound alums Pity Sex. They'll be joining up with both again in New York later on this August, and while no dates have been announced in support of their new EP, AS has a hunch these two dudes won't have to rely on sleeping inside tour vans for much too long.

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