August 5, 2013

Hear New Sound: AFI's "17 Crimes"

I’m really not sure what many peoples’ beefs with AFI is about these days, but it sounds like your classic case of when the punk purist contingent prematurely cries foul about anything a band puts out during their post-major label success life all because a few missteps clouded their overall perception of their entire catalog. AFI’s early hardcore punk material is some of the best to come out of the Los Angeles’ scenes skate park circles of the ‘90s and while I loved their early Aughties mainstream breakthrough Sing the Sorrow, I can at least agree that both 2006’s Decemberunderground and 2009’s Crash Love had taken more generic missteps than hitting innovative targets. Still, AFI is getting another chance to redeem themselves with a new label home at Republic Records, who will release their 8th studio effort Burials on October 22nd. We’ve already heard the band return to darker spaces on the cinematically dramatic anthem "I Hope You Suffer," which AS felt traced grander, simpler lines to post-rock designs of Sigur Rós and Deafheaven, and now the quartet has offered up another in "17 Crimes." On this turn, Davey Havok and company make a slight return to their Misfits-lite melodic pop-punk past and dark romance that made them radio staples on Sing the Sorrow. Two decades on, and these vets "Crimes" still sound delightfully dangerous...

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