August 8, 2013

Hear New Sound: Destruction Unit's "Bumpy Road"

Desert punk wildcards Destruction Unit have been on the road basically since forever since forming back in 2010, having piled on one single or EP atop of another over the past three years, but the Arizonian quintet has finally mapped out a proper full-length debut when Deep Trip arrives on dark-dwelling NYC-based label Sacred Bones. Last month, we heard the LP's first preview in the stoned out terrorizer "The World On Drugs," and today, they trickled out another dazed listen in "Bumpy Road." The decibel drive on this go is subdued slightly by an abundance of smoke cloud reverb, mind-warping synthesizers and psyched out pedals, but a violent rip in the band's rhythm section and Ryan Rousseau's broody musings prove these nomadic punks are still among the noisiest offerings on the present-day Sacred Bones roster. Ride Destruction Unit's "Bumpy Road" below, and catch them when they hit one in your town in the months to come, because they've got a date in basically every city around the world all the way through the end of the year.

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