August 5, 2013

Hear New Sound: The Julie Ruin's "Ha Ha Ha"

Riot grrrl original and former Bikini Kill / Le Tigre vocalist Kathleen Hanna adds one more band name to her already impressive and seminal resume when the debut album from her new project the Julie Ruin (which reunites her with Bikini Kill bassist Kathi Wilcox) releases their debut album Run Fast on September 3rd via the band’s Dischord-distributed label TJR Records. Back in June, Hannah broke her 9-year music work silence when she and the Julie Ruin shared their first single in the spunky dance-punk affair "Oh Come On," and now they’re giving us another excitable listen with its newest preview "Ha Ha Ha." This one comes with it as much of those supercharged motions that powered up the dance floor invitational beat of "Oh Come On," but also catches some seriously tall post-punk waves and sci-fi synths that -- coupled with Hanna's over-amped shouts -- make for one fun case of chaos. The Julie Ruin laugh their way through rebellion with "Ha Ha Ha" below...

The Julie Ruin - "Ha Ha Ha"

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