August 13, 2013

Hear New Sound: Lee Ranaldo and the Dust's "Lecce, Leaving"

I imagine that working at Matador headquarters these days requires some tactful scheduling when it comes to bringing any of the (let’s assume ex) members of Sonic Youth in for a meeting following Thurston and Kim’s separation a couple of years back. Some of the super disappointing reasons behind that split came to public light over the past year, and if you’re holding out for some sort of return at this stage, I’d say don’t hold your breath. Credit goes to Matador, though, who – despite all of the page 6 personal turmoil – still continues to release each of the members’ new work including the debut from Thurston’s mid-life crisis punk group Chelsea Light Moving, the forthcoming double LP by Kim Gordon’s noise-rock collab with Bill Nace known as Body / Head and now, the debut album by guitarist Lee Ranaldo’s new band, Lee Ranaldo and the Dust. This isn’t Ranaldo’s first outing with Matador, as he released the solo outing Between the Times and the Tides last year, but the Dust at least features SY drummer Steve Shelley behind the kit, giving fans some semblance of their old times together in the crafty shimmer of guitar melodies on their first listen “Lecce, Leaving.” Last Night On Earth will be released on October 8th, but for now, you can get yourself acquainted with Ranaldo / Shelley reincarnate below…

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