August 1, 2013

Hear New Sound: Oneohtrix Point Never's "Problem Areas"

Daniel Lopatin and his undefinable electronic project Oneohtrix Point Never last mystified listeners in 2011 with his entrancing fifth full-length Replica, a collection of culled and layered human-sampling noise and ambiance that still left you feeling like you had heard something extra-terrestrial. Interestingly enough, the man with just a few gadgets ahead of him on stage has recently gone on to open for the likes of big-sounding post-rockers Sigur Rós as well as signing on with big-time indie-electronic label Warp, who will be putting out Oneohtrix Point Never's next album R Plus Seven on October 1st. Several weeks ago, we got a short preview of a new track off the LP in the visual excerpt for "Still Life", but now we have something headier to wrap our senses around in the latest (and complete) listen, "Problem Areas." 0PN's aesthetic has always been as stimulating visually as he has been sonically, which is why the accompanying video for it created by avante-garde artist Takeshi Murata illustrates Lopatin's newest direction with its bold, fine-lined surrealism and hi-def computer imagery. Look for Oneohtrix Point Never's "Problem Areas" below...

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