August 14, 2013

Hear New Sound: Zola Jesus' "Fall Back"

Zola Jesus has gotten back in touch with her roots -- both in the hair color variety and that of her classically trained musical upbringing -- in signaling the final step of her evolution away from all of those "goth pop" labels slung over her sound over the past four years when her new effort Versions arrives next week on Sacred Bones. Not quite a proper studio album, yet not a mixed bag of odds and ends either, Versions is the end result of Nika Roza Daniolova collecting her head with industrial composer JG Thirlwell b.n.a. Foetus, who worked alongside the Los Angeles-based chanteuse to rearrange the soundscape of her catalog with an assist from the Mivos Quartet, further pronouncing the range of Danilova's ocean-sized vocals in an ornate symphonic setting. Upon announcing the new LP, the collective gave us a beautiful peak into the project with its first listen "Avalanche (Slow)," but on top of reconstructing 7 other Zola Jesus staples, the addition of the brand new song "Fall Back" marches in with a bold portrayal of romantic optimism that was only hinted at on 2011's Conatus and whose far-reaching power was eclipsed by darkness on early thunder like "Sea Talk." While it's true that the concept behind Versions carries with it certain stylistic restrictions on how we hear Danilova's music, here we have full-proof evidence that her voice is the reason we listen to her all along. "Fall Back" into it...

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