August 6, 2013

LIVESound: Dads Play Altered Course Sessions

AwkwardSound’s latest BUZZSound Dads released a new 7” EP today with Pretty Good, a four-song listen of emotive indie sing-longs lined with nostalgic look-backs and jet-fueled rock from the New Jersey duo. The band has been touring relentlessly over the summer, and during their stop at the Growing Up Is Dumb Fest, SoCal-based live archivist Cavis Tapes caught up with John Bradley and Scott Scharinger to hit them up for what truly defines every real emo band’s depth: Stripping their songs down to the acoustic renditions and playing them for the site's Altered Course Sessions. Dads provided two bare-boned tracks off the new EP with the much discussed “Boat Rich” and the closer “No We’re Not Actually.” The woodsy setting only helps these reformed raucous tracks breathe an intimate air even in the wide open space. For the naturally plugged versions of these songs, the Pretty Good EP can be picked up now on 6131 Records.

"Boat Rich"

"No We're Not Actually"

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