August 15, 2013


"I always believe that you can find beauty in anything. The most wretched, tragic, and ugly things in this world are just reminders of what we go through to achieve what we need and want. Like scars. We need them to experience the other side, the joyous times. They make us who we are. I wear all of my scars proudly." Those are the words Domenic Palermo told Blow the Scene in 2012, then being interviewed for his work as frontman to Philly hardcore and Deathwish Inc.-signed act Horror Show, and discussing a downward spiral of events in his life at that time including recently being released from incarceration and the death of four friends within a two year time span. Palermo understandably comes off as a dark and despondent figure in any other interview you look up of him, and that's fine because sometimes life really is far more shitty and less logical for some than others, so holding their individual emotional burden against them would serve no purpose. But at the very least, Palermo feeds off his pain and strife, turning this agony into art listeners can feel in his latest project Nothing. Joining up with fellow Philadelphian guitarist Brandon Setta in 2011, the group's primary songwriters have sculpted Nothing's ambitions around Palermo's internalized pessimism, resulting in a desolate wave of heavy pedaled shoegazing that pummels the core of the human spirit not just in insurmountable reverb, but in the reformed hardcore frontman's bleak perspective bleeding hopelessness in any area where light might have the slightest chance of peaking its way in. If that sounds terrifying to you, then allow me to be the first to introduce you to the reality of life. Maybe Nothing corners the most absolute blackest end of the spectrum in comparison to their peers and tour mates past and present including Deafheaven, Whirr, Wreck & Reference and Night Sins (who they share members with,) but unlike so many dark-minded bands out there, their lush twilight is lived and achieved genuinely. Last year, they released a six-song EP called Downward Years to Come, a morbid effort inspired by dead poets who'd taken their lives, but next year, they will release their first full-length Guilty of Everything on metal staple Relapse Records. Its first track "Dig" recently made its debut, and drills heavier into their wall of sound than previous material. Until 2014, Nothing will be bearing their shadow down across the States alongside the aforementioned Whirr for most of August, join up later this month with Majical Cloudz and share the stage with fellow nu-gazers Weekend this September.

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