August 1, 2013

Song Review: Frankie Rose's "Sorrow"

Frankie Rose created a sound to call all her own with last year's breakthrough outing Interstellar, a dreamy vision of C86-styled pop swirling around a stargazing atmosphere that elevated her airy vocals into its own identity that ultimately separated Rose from her past lives as a backing member to nu-gazing successes the Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts. On September 4th, the BK scene queen songstress will again be moving on -- this time taking her celestial style from the Slumberland roster onto Fat Possum who will release her new full-length Herein Wild. Its first listen is called "Sorrow," and if initial impressions count for anything, Frankie's first move marks a confident stride toward cohesive pop songwriting that hones in the magic of Interstellar's standout singles such as "Know Me" and "Night Swim" with a subdued hand. While the listen weens itself off from the synth-sided textures from that LP, Rose finds a suitable replacement au naturale manufactured by a gliding acoustic flutter atop sharp snares and a knife-wedged riff that fill out the spaces where the fluorescent glow used to radiate. A comedown and fade-in mid-way through blow a second wind into the track, but its "Sorrow"'s final moments where a well-timed false exhale over lucid-lit keys on Rose's part reveals the song's loveliest sigh of them all.

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