August 20, 2013

Song Review: Nine Inch Nails' "Everything"

What we’ve heard thus far off of Nine Inch Nails’ comeback album Hesitation Wounds with initial singles “Came Back Haunted” and “Copy of A” have comfortably knotted themselves within a familiar industrial electronic plane that beckons back to the project’s ‘90s mainstream peak more so than the experimental rock climbing of their mid-Aughties incarnation, but its latest listen “Everything” is nothing short of an unexpected anomaly from Trent Reznor and company that’s understandably leaving some listeners scratching their heads and checking the title bar on their playlists.

Nine Inch Nails has always enjoyed their fair share of alternative radio hits throughout the years, but this time the accessibility aims to please – dare AS say it – bright-eyed utopians rather than the cold world cynics. Its syncopated pop-punk beat bubbling upward rather than spiraling downward is exhilarating in its lightweight effortlessness, recalling a sunnier era in post-grunge / addiction mainstream rock (and suggesting that maybe Reznor’s close friendship with Filter frontman and former NIN member Richard Patrick has had a positive influence on him as well.) If the music isn’t enough to convince you of this, the refrain "I am home / I am free..." flowing ebulliently from Reznor’s mouth in its closing moments assures us that this is no glitch in the chronically black-clad frontman’s optimism.

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