August 19, 2013

Song Review: The Weeknd's "Live For" (feat. Drake)

These last few months have been a trying time for AwkwardSound when it comes to giving the Weeknd the benefit of the doubt leading up to his sophomore effort Kiss Land, due out on September 10th via Republic. The album’s first single, its title track, bombarded the senses with maybe too much sexual imagery and tripped out beats to take in one sitting, while its subsequent previews, "Belong to the World" and "Love In the Sky," have either managed to get him on the bad side of Portishead loyalists or just not impress anyone who prefers the sensual, lo-fi production that shrouded his first three mixtapes over what’s evolved into polished drug pop. Not at all helping Abel Tesfaye’s public image were rumors that he was feuding with one-time mentor and Take Care “Crew” leader Drake, who basically broke the Weeknd’s career by being the first to co-sign him. We can at least put to rest allegations of "biting the hand that feeds," however, as two of Toronto's hottest teaming up on Kiss Land's latest cut “Live For” squashes any beef that wasn't apparent when the two hugged it out at Drake's recent OVO Fest. Yet, even Drizzy's saving grace in his hard spitting presence doesn't do much to make Tesfaye's hypnotic arena seat-filling beats more bearing, and that cramped chorus line "thistheshitilivefor" sounds sloppy in its rush. I guess at this point if you're like AS and put off by the Weeknd's current direction, you have to wonder if the only thing drawing you to this dude is his who his friends are...

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