August 14, 2013

Song Review: Yuck's "Middle Sea"

A few weeks back, UK fuzz rock trio and AS’ favorite new artist of 2011, Yuck, silenced any uncertainty about their ability to deliver in light of ex-frontman Daniel Blumberg’s recent exit with the great new single “Rebirth.” That listen got a bit away from the ‘90s American slacker rock rock influence that prevailed over much of their listmaking debut as they opted to swirl optimistically around the dreamy C86 sound, but if it’s the guitar fizzles and pop from that hook you in, then their latest listen should appease those needs just fine. “Middle Sea” will appear on Yuck’s newly announced sophomore effort Glow and Behold (due out October 1st on Fat Possum) and again features Max Bloom confidently filling in the frontman gap as Mariko Doi provides some soft-cooing assists between the rock rollicking. The news here isn't so much that Yuck are still fully capable of tightening up and staying fit despite the turnover, however, because while "Middle Sea" dives into the familiar waters of their past selves, version 2.0 goes one step further by adding some brass flourishes into the blueprint towards the track's tail end. Few probably expected for Yuck to sound the same the second time around, but in keeping in line with their brand of indie classic, its surviving members are thus far coming off as driven to reprove themselves through both satisfaction and intrigue.

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