August 20, 2013

Sound Bites: Josh Berwanger, Porches. and Saves the Day

Josh Berwanger's "Baby Loses Her Mind"

The Anniversary were one of the most under-appreciated bands from Vagrant's golden era of emo during the early Aughties, but even after an untimely demise, there has thus far been no formal reunion to be had unlike those staged by many of the mid-western scene peers (at least we got an excellent posthumous B-sides and rarities compilation released in 2008...) The band's frontman and guitarist Josh Berwanger never gave up on his music career dream, however, and on October 1st, he'll release his proper debut solo outing Strange Stains on Good Land Records, which sees him re-teaming with original Anniversary drummer Michael Hutcherson and features guest spots from the likes of the Breeders' Jim McPherson. "Baby Loses Her Mind" is its first cut, and it travels a familiar path of sunny flower pop that was taken by his former band on their emo departure and final LP, Your Majesty.

Josh Berwanger - "Baby Loses Her Mind"

Porches.' Strange Action in the Cosmos

They've given you the opportunity to flirt with Franklin. They've helped you climb her "Skinny Trees." Heck, they've even given you the saddest blowjob of your life, and now, self-professed "bummer-pop" Brooklynites Porches. are letting all the ebb and flow ease and frustration heard within their upcoming longplay Slow Dance In the Cosmos go by streaming the entire listen of lust, loss and chill vibes via Consequence of Sound. For the unlucky recipients of a summer fling heartbreak out there, this one luckily makes for the perfect bookend to carry you into autumn's dying warmth, as it arrives on August 30th via Exploding In Sound.

Saves the Day's "The Tide of Our Times"

Yesterday, Noisey ran an interesting think piece entitled "Can Saves the Day Please Be Good Again?" that raised a lot of Internet chatter among emo nostalgists ahead of the release of the band's forthcoming eponymous full-length that sees them returning to the label where it all started, Equal Vision Records. The article goes into a host of discussion points including their rise on a major label to a shaky tail end catalog, but ultimately ends up at the conclusion that anyone who loved them before will likely be giving listen come September 17th and hoping for the best. Today, Saves the Day shot back with a reassuring answer as SPIN premiered the LP's latest track "The Tide of Our Times," which joins first single "Remember" in satisfying the minority (AS included) who believes In Reverie was a creative peak filled with copious sunny spots of chunky power pop from the indie darlings. Saves the Day's autumn tour in support of LP 8 with emo and post-hardcore up-and-comers Into It. Over It. and Hostage Calm (alongside select dates with fellow Jersey scene vet Geoff Rickly of Thursday) kicks off after Labor Day.

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