January 19, 2012

Song Review: Bruce Springsteen's "We Take Care of Our Own"

Living legend Bruce Springsteen rarely does wrong in the eyes of AwkwardSound, and "We Take Care of Our Own," the first single off his upcoming 17th(!) studio effort Wrecking Ball is just another small piece of evidence that backs up these claims. As the first release by The Boss since iconic E Street Band member Clarence Clemons passed away in June, AS has been wondering how the sax man's much missed presence might impact the dynamic of Springsteen's sound. In this particular instance, Springsteen bravely marches forward in signature celebratory fashion by busking into Americana folk and multi-instrumental arena rock anthemry -- A middle ground between his recent outings on the past decade's The Rising or The Seeger Sessions and the classic template heard during his early years. More of the same? Not so much, as Jersey's finest experiments with a looping riff to cut into the hard six-string strumming alongside a touch of hip-hop rhythms. Lyrically, underlying political-social themes never cease to inspire The Boss, as is the case of "We Take Care of Our Own" where the rocker takes aim at economic disparities with a reminder of what, in his mind, has always been the foundation of America's moral standpoint ("Wherever this flag is flown / We take care of our own...") It's been said Wrecking Ball could be Springsteen's "angriest" album to date. "We Take Care of Our Own" doesn't yet show the Asbury Park native in this light, but it sounds like he and The E Street Band are just scratching the surface of those feelings.

Bruce Springsteen - "We Take Care of Our Own"

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