About Us

We at the Awkwardsound are a team, woven together through our love for music and the art of musical instrument making. We came together, all four of us for now, because we wanted to help people around the world, whether they are beginners or professionals, find the best instruments. The instruments that are best suited for them. Some of us have been playing several instrument since childhood, others are more recent additions into the musical world. WE all share one thing – the dedication to find the best of the best through relentless research and our own experience.

The goal of our website, and each member of our team, is to compile a list of some of the best instruments available on the market today. Starting out with the popular stringed instruments, we hope to keep going until we’ve covered most of the mainstream instruments, no matter how they are played. These lists and reviews will keep being updated as times pass. We want you, our reader, to have access to the most current information regarding what is available on the market today. We hope, you find us to be successful at this job.


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