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Is this the website that popped up when you searched for the gear you were interested in? I really hope it is, because we at Awkwardsound do our best to make the information accessible to the musicians, amateurs and, to be honest, anybody who’s interested in the subject. Whether you ended up here accidentally or you’ve been visiting us quite frequently, we decided to tell you all about us and explain the peculiarities of our work. After all, we’re really passionate about everything we do and want our readers to understand how everything is done here.

We started out just a couple of years ago with one single aim: we wanted to create a website that would combine all the existing information about music gear. Be it acoustic, electric or bass guitars, folk instruments, pedals, amps or accessories – we wanted Awkwardsound to have all the answers. We started small and we’re still growing – the group effort from our team has made it possible. But nothing would be feasible if it weren’t for you – the avid musicians who are always trying to learn more and find new and exciting gear. As you wander on our website jumping from one article to another, it’s only natural that you have some questions. That’s why we’ve decided to make our work transparent and provide you with all the answers about who we are, what we do and how.

The team

We can’t really tell you how we found each other (that’s probably the story worth telling separately), but we can surely tell you what has kept us together. Some of us have been working on this website since its birth, while some have joined us a bit later. We are different people with completely different lives, but there are two things we all have in common – it’s the love we have for music and the passion we have towards the work we do. Awkwardsound is the dream that came true for us – it’s the website that will give you the lists of best instruments, best accessories, and basically, the best gear you can get for the given price. We aren’t the only website that offers a similar thing, yet we do believe we’re one of those who provide the most extensive information about anything you could think of in terms of musical equipment. Some of us have played various instruments since our very childhood, some of us are still learning, but we all do our best to educate ourselves every day. After all, no matter how much knowledge you have, there’s always something you have yet to discover, especially in the music world. But remember, there’s always consistency when it comes to Awkwardsound – our team will always do everything it can to provide you with up-to-date content and that’s something that won’t change.

The specifics of our work

If you take a look at the number of gear we have reviewed so far, you’ll definitely start wandering, how the hell have we been able to afford so many instruments, save them in the warehouse and add newer stuff as they come out. Even if we told you that that’s how we operate, you wouldn’t believe us – after all, we aren’t a billion-dollar company!

We don’t own all the equipment that you’ll find reviewed on our website. We simply don’t have the resources to buy them all, test them and give you our opinion on them. But we do have beautiful minds in our team, who research all the gear meticulously. Generally, we scrutinize the reviews generated by users and experienced players, compare various opinions to figure out the truth. Then we combine that knowledge with our own experience and provide you with the reviews you can trust. In other words, we research the market for you, gather all the information that’s available and deliver it to you in short and interesting articles. This way we hope to save you some time and energy – you can access anything you’re interested in on our website. It takes a lot of work – but we’re glad to do it as long as you find the gear that suits you perfectly!

The content we create

Our team works really hard to provide you with interesting and attractive content all the time. But what exactly can you find on our website? We put together the lists of best acoustic, electric, acoustic-electric and bass guitars, best amplifiers, pedals, folk instruments and accessories. By reading those articles, you will be able to find out what are the greatest models in a specific price range and make a final decision accordingly. This way you’ll know what options you have and avoid purchasing something that ultimately won’t be the greatest fit for you.

We also review all the instruments and devices individually and give you all the information about their features and capabilities. Say you really like something you saw in the “best acoustic guitars under 2000”. You can simply click the ‘full review’ button and access everything you’ll need to understand what that particular model can do. We try to make sure every article has the information that you’ll benefit from – be it the history of that particular instrument or simply some interesting facts that you can use in practice. And finally, you’ll find the blogs that will keep you busy while educating you about many different subjects related to music.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that nothing is set in stone when it comes to the instruments and various devices. The fact that you might not find your favorite unit in our list doesn’t mean that it sucks and you have to throw it away. If we were to include all the great gear that has ever existed, we’d definitely need more than one website! We do our best to narrow it down to 5 to 10 models, so that the information is easy to comprehend and you find it simple to make a decision. If we were to name more than that, you’d get confused and the whole purpose of our work would be lost. We really hope you understand that.


No matter what unit you click on, you’ll always see its rating. We use a 5-star system and evaluate devices according to their build quality, hardware, sound and price and then generate an average score. These ratings are always specific to the list you’re looking at. This means that a guitar will get a 4.8 rating because it’s compared to the guitars in its price range and category.

The revenue

It’s rather common to see that websites similar to Awkwardsound often are filled with ads. You click on the article and an annoying window will pop up. We do our best to avoid that on our website, because we want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. We’ve been in your shoes and we know that you don’t care about anything else except the gear you were looking for. That’s why Awkwardsound is free of ads and we will make sure it stays that way in the future as well.

If we don’t get any money from ads, then how do we earn anything? The answer is simple – you’ll find affiliate links attached to the articles we create. On one hand, it makes it easier for you to check the prices when the link is right there in the article itself. On the other hand, it’s what keeps us alive. By clicking those links and purchasing instruments or other devices from there, we get a small commission, which comes at zero costs to you. You pay whatever that specific gear costs and nothing extra. That way we have the possibility to keep Awkwardsound comfortable to read while earning the means that are needed to sustain the website.

One last thing…

Awkwardsound has never been about money for us. Every member of our team is affectionate about the job they do. We all love music and we love reviewing musical instruments even more. We have learned a lot on our journey, but we all know that a lot still lies ahead. We make sure we provide you with accurate information, but in case you find anything you don’t agree with, always let us know. We’ll read your opinion, do some research on that and keep it in mind in the future. We are really proud of everything we have achieved so far and since our goal is to create an ultimate website that will hold all the information needed, we ask you to be interactive. We’d love to hear your opinion about our content and we’re always open to suggestions about how we could improve even more. Thank you for being here and helping us keep Awkwardsound as informative as it is! 


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