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Even if it’s your first time on our website, we’re sure you’d notice that there are no ads here. We do our best to keep Awkwardsound free of annoying pop-ups, because we want to guarantee the most enjoyable experience for you. We won’t ask you to turn off your ad-block or redirect you to some unknown website – that’s not how we operate. We understand perfectly that you want to read an article without any interruption and we do our best to keep our website clean from ads.

But every website needs some revenue in order to survive. Everything costs money and we have to earn some in order to keep providing you with interesting content. The source of income for us are the affiliate links – once you click the links attached to our articles and purchase something from there, we get a small commission. You won’t even notice that, since you don’t pay anything extra. That small percentage of commission is how we keep our website up-to-date and keep creating more content as the time passes by. By clicking those links, you help us sustain Awkwardsound. We always concentrate on the quality of the material we deliver to you and we never recommend something we don’t believe in. Everything you see on our website has been carefully selected on the basis of extensive research. Nobody is asking us to advertise anything – we don’t accept sponsorships and we aren’t going to in the future either. We are transparent about our work and you’ll see that we’re honest in our recommendations as you keep surfing our website. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to


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