Strap In and Lock Down: the Best Guitar Strap Locks

Being here, I cannot help but wonder whether you have come bearing terrifying news. I sincerely hope you haven’t arrived here after having learned an important, but still harrowing lesson. If you have become a victim of the cruel reality of the world, of the constant evolution and change, of vicious entropy, know this: you are not alone. Many guitars, and other instruments too, have gone into the realm of being broken, to be never used again.

A part of me hopes that you are here because you have yet to see it happen, that you learned the lesson from another person’s story, or simply thought of it on your own. It might not be the case, so here are my condolences for your loss. May your guitar enter rock and roll heaven proudly, knowing it was played to its full potential. Now, on to picking out the best guitar strap locks so that this may never happen again. It is alright to go through this once, but a repeat offense tells the story of you not being careful enough, of you not learning your lessons. You do not want to be known as someone who broke his/her guitar twice, because you did not make sure that guitar strap locks were the best, do you?

What’s The Best Guitar Strap Lock

ImageStrap Locks
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Dunlop SLS1033BK Straplok4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Schaller 14010101 Security Straplocks4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Fender Straplock4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Dunlop SLS1034G Straplok4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Wolfride Security Quick Release Strap Locks 4pcs4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon

Dunlop SLS1033BK Straplok

Dunlop has a tendency to make a lot of things. This gives them both the experience to get good at building things and the chance to understand what the optimal engineering for the purpose of the item would be. This means they know how to make a strap lock to last a long time without failing you, ever. The Dunlop SLS1033BK Straplok is one of the items that was crafted with the simple purpose of being useful for a long time. The design of the strap lock is simple and genius at the same time, as all amazing items are. The design of the strap lock is 360 groove ball, which means unimpeded rotation ability. This keeps the strap from getting uncomfortable when you are playing. The strap locks are easy to construct and easy to install, meaning you will not have much of a hassle replacing the old ones. These strap locks are strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The company claims they can handle up to 800 pounds of pressure, so you can use them as much as you like. Plus, they are inexpensive, which is great.

Schaller 14010101 Security Straplocks

The beauty of strap locks is the simplicity of their make and their existence, which gives the manufacturers of these items the chance to vary the items they take out to the market as much as they want. High-quality steels, different colors, easier or harder-to-install mechanisms, and many other options are available on the market, if you want them. The thing that makes me smile is the fact that it is possible to produce a high-quality item and sell it for a price that makes sense both to the consumer and the producer. The Schaller 14010101 Security Straplocks are one of those cheap options which will end up surprising you more often than you thought it was possible. It thus makes sense for this system to be one of the most widely used on the market, often installed on guitars before they leave the factory and go into the hands of the musicians. These models are easily available for the Gibson model guitars, as well as any others, as they come with extra long screws. What is fascinating is the endless durability and “stamina” of these strap locks, taking tons of damage for years before starting to succumb to corrosion. Still, these will last you for years after. They never accidentally unscrew, and remain in your guitar, securing it for you for a long time. Thanks to the affordable price of these, it becomes one of the best and easiest to access strap lock systems on the market.

Fender Straplock

Not everybody likes things complicated. I mean why would you when you can have something as simple as they get. Sure the previous two options were simple, but there are always ways to make things simpler and easier. So why struggle with things when the simplest option for the simplest guitar accessory is available and readily offered to you by Fender Straplock? These were designed to be a no-hassle, quick release system, option for strap locks for those of us who find fidgeting with a strap lock a little annoying. There is a simple and easily removable cap that allows you to change your straps in quick manner, and the straps cost about the same amount as any of the others on the list, So what could be the drawback of these strap locks? Well, the manufacturer’s own confidence in the product is a little wavering and a little worrying, to me at least. According to them these strap locks are only capable of handling about 100 pounds. Your guitar shouldn’t be too heavy, and if it is, you should check it. But if you like to move around a lot while playing, these strap locks could be helpful. They’re also a good choice if you need new ones. So go ahead and try them out.

Dunlop SLS1034G Straplok

Did I not say once that Dunlop has a lot of experience of making things which end up working well for a long time? I did, a few paragraphs before this actually, and to make my point even more on the nose, I wanted to include another set of strap locks produced by Dunlo, because I want only the best for you guys. The Dunlop SLS1034G Straplok set is in no way inferior to its cousin. The same 360 ball system allows for all kinds of twisting and turning, while the switching of straps is just as easy. The steel core material used for the making of these straps is corrosion resistant and durable as steel gets. This means a long time of fun with your guitar without having to think about replacing the strap locks even once. Tested to handle up to 800 pounds of weight (eesh), these strap locks are bound to give you a sense of security when you have your guitar hanging off of your shoulders. All of this and the SLS1034 Straplok  is still slightly more affordable than its cousin set. Nothing major, but some of you might find the difference compelling.

Wolfride Security Quick Release Strap Locks 4pcs

I have already underlined that strap locks aren’t those accessories that we can buy inadvertently. Though they do seem like that due to their size, their quality matters a lot. I’m sure you don’t want to get yourself in the situation I’ve described in the beginning of this article, so let me introduce to you yet another capable model. Wolfride Security Quick Release Strap Locks are made from alloy copper. They are highly resistant to corrosion, which means you won’t have to swap them every freaking month. Not only are they constructed with durable material, but they will also last you for a long time. I’m pretty sure you’re too busy to spend hours attaching two locks on either side of your guitar, so it’s a great thing that these babies are really easy to install. And in case you decide to swap them for something else or you just want to take them off for whatever reason, they have a button that will release them in no time. One of the best things about Wolfride strap locks is that they will hold your strap securely and won’t let it slip. This way you’ll avoid accidents that you don’t want to happen. No, I’m sorry, that’s not the best part – the best part is that the package includes 4 pcs of these wonderful locks. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

The Importance of the Strap Lock

You might be surprised to find out that some strap locks are much more expensive than other parts of the guitar that might seem so much more important; such as the strings. Why is this? Well, we all know there are few things as cool as a person standing up while they play their guitar. You stay on your feet to be able to walk around the stage, play around with the crowd, stay active and not get bored. To be able to do so you need to have the guitar hanging off of your neck, which you want to be secured as well as possible. Otherwise the guitar will be falling off of your neck and onto the ground faster than you can hit a chord. Who wants to complete a jump and realize their guitar is on the floor before them? Exactly noone. This is why having the best guitar strap locks is so important. They help you stay mobile and active when performing, jumping and entertaining the crowd a step beyond just standing and singing. I mean, if you are not walking around the stage, you might as well be sitting down with the guitar. You don’t want to, of course, because its not cool. A good set of strap lock will have you doing anything you want on stage, as much jumping around as you want, without having to worry about your guitar breaking.

How does strap lock work?

The workings of a strap lock are rather simple and quite intuitive. At each end of the guitar you will find a spot where strap locks are to be inserted. If your guitar already had strap locks, you will be removing them by unscrewing them from the guitar. What you will have left is a hole at each end of the guitar. Into these holes you will insert your new strap locks and screw them back int. Tadaaa you have your new strap locks. All that is left is to grab a strap and put it on the locks, hang it over your shoulders and pray to all that is holy that it won’t fall off. It probably won’t. There are no unique strap lock systems that work a different way from what you get in the mainstream. Why reinvent the wheel when the already existing system work perfectly well to keep the guitar safe on your shoulders? In case you do get creative and come up with a new way to keep the strap on the guitar, give us a call. Let’s see if we can put it into production. (It’s a joke).


It is a horrible moment for anybody. First comes the feeling of something not being right, as if the guitar is not holding on to the body right, doesn’t hug it right. It feels too heavy on one side, too light on the other. Or maybe it just feels like its slipping out. Then comes the realization that it is too late, the guitar is irreversibly falling. Depending on your reaction speed, you try to grab at it, or you just stand in awe as it happen. Whichever it is, you are not fast enough to grab at it. The world turns from reality into a slow-motion dream where you are just not fast enough. The guitar starts falling, an instance that feels like it lasts for ages more than the split second. You feel a pit in your stomach start to form, and you feel your guts follow the guitar down, as if for the first time you feel gravity affecting you. The guitar is stuck in mid air as you lunge for it and now you are stuck in time. The moment it touches the floor you hear the sound, resonating through your body. First the percussive sound of the hollow guitar body, loud and deep, then all the strings go off at the same time, as if in an ode to the destruction, a horrible soundtrack to the end of a great age. Then you hear it, the crack. It fills your body, feeling like a broken bone of your own. The head hits next, a dull sound you recognize from your childhood, when you used to hit clubs on rocks. It lasted a moment, the guitar is on the ground looking whole, but you know there is a crack. You know the story of your instrument is possibly over. Should’ve gotten the best guitar strap locks you could, you think. Or maybe you should’ve thought of replacing them earlier.


  1. The Schaller locks do come loose and the guitar can fall, because the nut comes loose often. Also it pinches your finger when you are removing the strap from the guitar. It does allow a normal cable to be connected without the fitting.
    The Dunlop locks stick out very far and if you know it on something, it would bend the screw. Also there is no way that it can support 800 pounds in every direction.
    To me, the Fender looks same as the Schaller, and the two Dunlops look the same as each other.


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