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Let me tell you about that one time in college when I bought my first ukulele. I got my first paycheck from my first ever job and decided to “splurge” on something that I have wanted to have for a long time. I ordered the ukulele and sat around waiting for my precious reward for working at miserable minimum wage job. The ukulele finally arrived with a complimentary ukulele economy bag which, of course, did not have any padding (it was complimentary, for Christ’s sake). So I set off on my journey (which I did not realize would not be long-lived) of learning how to play a ukulele (with a bonus point of annoying my roommate). The “honeymoon” period ended in about a week when I was carrying it to my dorm and it fell out of my bag and the head just came off. Yeah, my ukulele did not cost much, but it was still the first instrument that I bought with my own money. I pledged, in an extremely dramatic manner as I’m realizing now, to never again be this reckless. Hope you enjoyed the story of my miseries as a freshman and now we can move on and discuss some of the best guitar gig bags as well as features that you should look for when choosing one.

Best Guitar Gig Bags

ImageGig Bags
Check Price
Gator Cases GBE-ELECT Electric Guitar Gig Bag4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Hola! Deluxe Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
On-Stage GBB4550 Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Hola! Deluxe Padded Acoustic and Classical Guitar Gig Bag4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon

Gator Cases GBE-ELECT Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Affordable, but provides enough shielding. Isn’t that what anyone is looking for in a bag? GBE-ELECT Electric Gig Bag exterior is made of nylon, making it water-resistant. It also boasts 10mm foam core padding that will give your guitar enough protection (unless you are planning on throwing it around with all your force). Yes, it’s padded, but the material is flexible enough so you can pack it up anytime you need and store it with no problem. Most importantly, this model has reinforced interior around the headstock of the guitar neck area so that two of the most vulnerable parts of your guitar will be well protected. It also has deep pocket where you can store your accessories or any other items. If you have been saving up for months and just bought a guitar that’s more expensive than any item in your household then, of course, go for a more expensive bag that will hundred percent guarantee no damage to your instrument. But if it’s your first guitar or a model that you are not too scared to break, then this bag is a bang for your buck.

Hola! Deluxe Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Great fit for Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul that are up to 40 inches in length, Hola! Deluxe Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag provides just the right amount of exterior protection and interior padding for your guitar to be safe and your mind calm. One aspect of this model that I really love is its straps. Very sturdy and wide, they will not only last long but also provide enough comfort for you so that you don’t get shoulder pain every time you have to carry around your guitar and all the accessories. Speaking of accessories, this model comes with two good sized pockets that will fit your accessories, and maybe even a textbook or two if you’re in school and need to juggle your classes in Economics with your ambition of becoming the next Slash.

On-Stage GBB4550 Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Like most other cases, it’s standard black but looks high end with its diagonally moving straps and pocket zipper. Its handles are stitched to the front as well as the back for reinforced strength. Although the pocket on this model does not have as much space as some other bags, it will definitely fit some of your basic and most important accessories. From all the models listed here, I would say this one provides the least protection because it does not really have much padding. If you are really cautious and mostly need a bag for transportation rather than protection this bag might be a good model for you.

MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case

Okay, so you are so protective of your beloved guitar that you are willing to pay as much as it takes to protect it from even a possibility of damage? Good, because MONO M80 Electric Guitar Case seems to be just the right model for that. This model is somewhat of a hybrid between a gig bag and a case. It’s not as heavy and expensive as most cases, but it definitely comes with a lot more protection than other gig bags. With waterproof sharkskin shell and rubber sole, you can be sure that your guitar is as far away from danger as your estranged dad thinks you are from success as a musician. With a clip/tuck strap system, you can carry it around on one or two shoulders. With inside padding and Neckbrace design that this model provides, you will wish you had as much comfort as your guitar has. This model comes in several different variations and colors, so have your pick. I probably should not have favorites, but to be honest I would rather save up a little bit more and get this model than regret ruining my guitar.

Hola! Deluxe Padded Acoustic and Classical Guitar Gig Bag

This model is one of the best gig bag for acoustic guitars as well as classical guitars up to 41 inches. With great exterior protection, 11 mm padding, and rubber bottom your guitar is in good hands. Hola! Generally makes great straps and like their electric bass guitars gig bag model, this one also boasts dual adjustable shoulder and even distribution of your guitar’s weight will protect not only your guitar but also your shoulders. Along with padding, this model provides a support pillow which will give extra safety for the neck of the guitar, one of the most vulnerable parts, especially during transportation. With the sturdy design that this model provides, I would not have a second thought about whether I should take my guitar to this or that place in fear of damaging it.

If you are reading this you have probably decided that you want a gig bag, not a case. There are several pros to owning a gig bag, but of course, much like with anything, there are several cons. The most obvious advantage of a gig bag is that is costs a lot less than an actual case. It is also a lot less heavy and easy to carry around. This would be beneficial for anyone who is traveling a lot, maybe for their gigs, but are not crazy rich to have assistants carrying around their luggage. One big problem with a lot of gig bags is that most of them, especially cheap ones, do not offer as much protection as cases do. Economy gig bags for instance usually do not have any padding, leaving your guitar vulnerable to any bumps and breakages. You should always keep in mind your budget and how much you are willing to pay for a bag. But make no mistake, although it seems like the least important accessory for your guitar, it is often the most valuable and practical one. When talking about the best guitar gig bags, I will have to generalize, since there are so many different ones that serve different purposes. For instance -best bass gig bags for under $100, best gig bags for acoustic guitars, for Stratocasters, Les Paul, etc. The world of gig bags is vast and often confusing, so research and make your decisions wisely. Okay, now as for the other important details, that a lot of people overlook. Always make sure that the handles on your bag are sturdy and won’t fall off mid-trip, choose material for the bag that is not only well built but also waterproof. Try to find a good balance between the price and quality, don’t just get a bag that mainly functions as a transportation device. There are a lot of good-quality bags at affordable prices that are well-padded and can protect your guitar.


Whether you are looking for the best gig bag for bass, the best gig bag for telecaster, or something under $100 or over $500 there are bags for any taste and budget and you will surely find something that will perfectly fit your demands. Although this list of what you should be looking at when getting your gig bag as well as the list of gig bags are helpful, the best guitar gig bag will be different for every person. Once you have taken into account your budget, padding, straps, and every single detail that comes to your mind, you will quickly understand that even in that case there are still dozens of gig bags that fit those criteria. Just like with your guitar, you should look for something that is just perfect for you and your circumstances.


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