February 16, 2013


ATTENTION WORLD: Everyone is "post-punk" in 2013. AwkwardSound might have recorded a "post-punk" album in the past couple of months, unbeknownst to itself, actually. I'm all for keep tabs on what genre trends the press is shilling out to readers as time passes on, but what was "art punk" 15 years ago was "dance punk" 10 years ago was "noise punk" 5 years ago and is now back at square one in its first evolutionary state of "post-punk" today. Brooklyn's EULA doesn't make these labelist's job any easier, because nothing about their sound invites a quick resolve to be put inside a box. Since 2009, the trio of guitarist and vocalist Alyse Lamb, bassist Jeff Maleri and drummer Nathan Rose have been bashing their way through BK's label-obsessed music culture with a blackened knot of fast, weird inert punkness that levies as much restraint in its mix to fall under the "post-" umbrella as it does off-setting the characterization with spasmatic freak-outs and electronic dirge. None of it guarantees predictability. The trend of being un-trend is keeping more listeners baited, evidenced by their early demos and EP, 2011 debut Maurice Narcisse and their newest single, "I Collapse" b / w "Little Hearts," (their first release on new home Godmode Records, due out February 19th,) in which Alyse's frontwoman role seduces Karen O and PJ Harvey tangents of wildly shrill and shape-shifting proportions. It's a good new start with a great (record) label who've proven trustworthy in the past, and not knowing what comes next is part of EULA's alluring motif. The trio makes their way down the east coast this March alongside fellow Brooklyn slashers Shark? and POST-PUNK legends Mission of Burma -- destination SXSW -- befuddling all those seeking to define everything in their path.

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