September 18, 2012

Sound Bites: Bat for Lashes, Talk Normal and Tamaryn

Bat for Lashes' "All Your Gold"

On October 23rd, the female equivalent to Thom Yorke known as Bat for Lashes will release her newest album The Haunted Man through Capital Records. The genre-skipping experimental songstress has offered up a couple of new tracks off the effort this week in the form of the glassy, synthetic slow-burner "Marilyn" and today, Natasha Khan grabs your undivided attention once more with "All Your Gold," a caffeinated R&B-laced listen that kind of makes you wish her fellow Brits the xx had taken a few queue from her on their latest.

Talk Normal's "Cover"

As one of the many anticipated autumnal releases from this year's BUZZSound category here on AS, NYC noise-rock duo Talk Normal are a mere month away from their Joyful Noise debut, Sunshine, due out on October 23th. Sarah Register and Andrya Ambro seem to be asserting more focus on pop-ifying their dueling choruses over clamoring tribal rhythms and hypnotic beats, as evidenced by the LP's first preview "Bad Date" and now, its latest preview, "Cover." On this go, it's the church organ careening its way through the noisier elements that make it a transcendental experience -- Softer and more subtle, yet equal powerful as a pile-on of drums.

Tamaryn's "Heavenly Bodies"

We're mid-way through September, and there's still no signs of that new album Mazzy Star promised last year, but it's all good thanks to Tamaryn, who will be providing 2012's sun-drenched shoegaze fix with Tender New Signs. It's the San Francisco band's sophomore follow-up to 2010's listmaking debut The Waves. Our first listen, "I'm Gone," gave little indication that Tamanryn would be departing away from their normal course of woozy guitars and sultry haze, but its second listen "Heavenly Bodies" at least finds frontwoman Tamaryn veering away from Hope Sandoval comparisons and chartering Bilinda Butcher territory instead by emitting a darker vocal delivery. Tender New Signs arrives October 16th on Mexican Summer.

Tamaryn - "Heavenly Bodies"

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