The Curious Case of the Best Guitar Cases

When you are deciding on whether you want a guitar case or a gig bag, there are multiple factors that will affect your decision. One of the most obvious ones is the price. If you are trying to buy the best guitar case for your specific needs it is, of course, going to cost you a lot more than an economy bag that has little to no padding and protection. Although, as you will see, you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost or vice versa. Like with any accessories, there is a wide range of cases with different prices and features. While some you are going to come across will cost pretty much the same as an average gig bag, there are cases that might cost several thousand. So let’s get into deciding what kind of a case you need.

What’s The Best Guitar Case

ImageGuitar Cases
Check Price
SKB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hardshell4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Gretsch G6241FT Hardshell Case4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Musician's Gear Hardshell Electric Guitar Case4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon
Gator Cases Traditional Wood Case (GWE-ELECTRIC)4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Check on Amazon

SKB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hardshell

With an oversized rectangular compartment that will keep not only your guitar but any possible accessory that you can think of, SKB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hardshell is a good investment that will serve you for years. Yes, it does not cost $20 like that gig bag you saw yesterday on Amazon, but unlike that gig bag, this case will protect your guitar from any imaginable damage. The exterior is heavy-duty plastic that ensures that even if you accidentally drop the cased guitar will be safe. Apart from your own clumsiness, the chance of dropping this case is close to none because this model has really balanced and sturdy handles. So not only will your guitar be safe but your mind will be free from the constant fear that somehow the heaviness of the case and guitar will be too much for the handle.  This hardshell model fits various electric guitars and has an ABS molded-in bumper protection. It is a solid, but lightweight guitar case at the same time.

Gretsch G6241FT Hardshell Case

A custom hardshell case for 16-inch Gretsch hollow-body guitars is one of the sleekest and most beautiful cases out there. This case is made of wood and has a flat surface that is covered in Tolex. The extra grey fur textured interior protects the guitar finish from any scratches. With three buckles and a slot on one of them to add a lock, you are protecting your guitar not just from accidental breakage, but also from being stolen while you get distracted doing something else. Since the case itself is made of wood it is heavier than most models made of plastic, making routine transportation a little bit tedious. From a storage perspective, this model has a nice and sizable pouch to hold your accessories.

SKB Jaguar/Jazzmaster Type Shaped Hardshell Case

I have to say, sometimes designs of SKB guitar cases look so beautiful and sleek I feel like buying them, although I already have a case for my guitar. Never mind the case that I have, I think I would even buy their cases if I did not have a guitar at all. Just the idea of me in black sunglasses, holding this case and walking around town like nobody’s business makes me want to throw my money at the salesperson and scream “take my money!” In case you are not as shallow of a person as me, you will probably still adore this model its functionality. This model’s expanded polystyrene plush-lined interior holds your guitar (Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster) securely and provides a lot of space for storage so you can carry around all your accessories. It’s a great flight case not only because of rigorous exterior and interior protection but also because of the TSA logo that notifies screeners that the latch does not have to be broken for checks.

Musician’s Gear Hardshell Electric Guitar Case

On a more affordable side we have Musician’s Gear Hardshell Electric Guitar Case. I’ve seen this model in black color and also with a tweed design. I have got to say, tweed is the way to go if you want something that looks less generic. Tweed design on this case looks as if it has been taken straight out of a movie – classy, old-style and cool, all at the same time. But make no mistake, the beauty of this model is not its only advantage. Overall, this model is very affordable, but lower price does not mean lower quality. With 5-ply wood construction, heavy-duty hardware and a plush interior that will give your guitar great protection, this model is great not only for daily use but for traveling as well.

Gator Cases Traditional Wood Case (GWE-ELECTRIC)

So, imagine a case at a very affordable price that integrates most features that really expensive models have. Would you want to buy it? Rhetorical questions aside, this model is a bargain. Great hard-shell  plywood case is great for PRS and wide body style guitars. Its moisture-resistant, rugged exterior and ample amount of storage for your accessories are just a few impressive factors that make this case a great model. For anyone who is planning on carrying this case around a lot, this model has an ergonomic handle to keep you just as comfortable as your guitar that’s snuggled in thick lining for full protection.

Price, price, and price again. Always the number one and most important aspect when deciding on whether or not you should be buying something, be it a guitar case or a house. A lot of the times, people overlook the importance of protection that is needed for guitars and do not even buy a simple bag, let alone a case, for transporting their instruments. But since you are on this page, you have, fortunately (or hopefully), realized the importance of protection and its long-term value in guitar maintenance. So here are some of the main points to keep in mind when you are buying your case, apart from pricing (duh). Your average guitar case will weigh a lot more than guitar gig bags. There are obvious reasons for it: cases are made of sturdy (mostly hard material). There are also soft cases, hybrid cases and many other models that have various benefits. If you want protection for your guitar, but at the same time do not want to strain yourself, there are less heavy cases out there for you. Also, keep in mind that if you are planning on transporting your guitar from say one state to another, or even from one country to another, there are a lot of great flight models. Cases, in contrast to gig bags, often provide more space for storing other accessories and items and they are generally better for protecting your guitar even when you are not transporting it. The problem with cases (apart from the glaring problem of the cost of some of them) is that they are not compact. You cannot expect to fold it up, put it on the top shelf of your tiny bookcase and forget about it. So if you have little space at home, you might want to try to find something more compact. Before deciding on the case you are buying measure out your guitar (if you don’t already know its size) to avoid the mistake of ordering a case to only have to return it the same day because your guitar just does not fit in.


Be it the best flight case, best soft guitar case, best electric guitar hard case or any other “best,” when you are choosing a case for your guitar you should always keep in mind not just generic lists of “the best”-s, but also specific requirements you and your guitar have. Are you traveling a lot? Do you have space for keeping a huge case in your room? How willing are you to drag around a case if it ends up to be really heavy? All this and many other questions are very specific to you, so in deciding what the best guitar case is for you make sure to create your own list of pros and cons.


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