May 12, 2013

Two Inch Astronaut

The past year has witnessed the northeast's DIY indie-punk scene finally become a "thing" worth mentioning around the big brand music sites, and I guess that's what you call validation for paying your dues in the basement, sleeping on people's floors and having to deal with cops jocking your identity. The NYC-based label Exploding In Sound Records has been among the leading dealers of such budding noisemakers, having already brought to you past BUZZSounds Fat History Month, Grass Is Green, Pile and Speedy Ortiz as well as high-fiving the releases over at Godmode or Fan Death Records, and with the forthcoming LP by Maryland punkers Two Inch Astronaut, it puts the tiny label in position of becoming one of the year's more influential trendsetters on the 2013 independent landscape. In a great case of about-face, the trio of frontman / guitarist Sam Rosenberg, bassist Daniel Pouridas and drummer Matt Gatwood originally started off the project with an acoustic slant (think Thurston Moore's Demolished Thoughts) that has since evolved into the scuzzier yet still intensely melodic apprentice to witty millennial indie-emo poets the Promise Ring while biting at that era's chomping post-hardcore culled straight from Dischord and Jade Tree catalogs. Bad Brother, Two Inch Astronaut's sophomore full-length set to be released on June 18th, follows a coupling of early EPs and singles while picking up right where they left off on last year's Red Pancake and the Dark Energy LP, if not with more calculation that comes with hitting your stride once you've figure out where your foundation lies (see: latest listen "Blood from a Loyal Hound") and befitting of the neon-speckled cover art original by celebrated Japanese pop art creator Hideyuki Katsumata. Two Inch Astronaut will be touring up and around the northeast in the coming month in support of the new effort, playing dates with their labelmates and other probable future BUZZSounds in the process.

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