Be it Christmas, your kid’s high school graduation, or a birthday party of that co-worker of yours you never liked but still have to be on good terms with, you need gifts for the occasion (unless you really hate that coworker… just saying). If the person you are trying to buy a gift for is interested in guitars it might be a good idea to get them something guitar related. But if you know squats about guitars maybe you should ask around or you know… read an article or two about gifts for guitar lovers… In any case, you are in a right place because no matter how good your intentions are sometimes it is impossible to choose the right gift unless you want to learn a bit more about what the person you are giving a gift to is interested in. Trust me, the number of times I was given a pair of posh socks on Christmas instead of some a nice guitar accessory is… quantifiable but I would rather not think about how little my friends and family know about me if they are buying me socks instead of literally anything I like. Okay, let’s get into finding a gift for your loved one or you know… that co-worker.

Music Gifts


Picks are “devices”, and I put devices in quotation marks because I am not sure if a triangle the size of a coin can qualify as a device, used to strum chords on a guitar or to sound individual notes. My pick-deprecating comment aside, you will be amazed at the variety of picks you can get nowadays. They differ in form, material, thickness and, of course, style. So if you are looking for picks but do not know too many technicalities and do not want to get yourself too deep into it you can think of a design that your loved one might enjoy. For instance, if a person loves art they might enjoy picks that have different art on them, something like this. If you are looking for something more luxurious you might like handmade Timber Tones Tiger Tones. They are usually sold in 4 pack in a beautiful decorative box and are especially great for players who are into fast picking.

Pick Wallet

Maybe someone you are buying for already has a pick, or ten, or twenty. In that case, a pick wallet would be a good idea. Pickpokit is a great option, it holds about 20 picks, it is made from polyester and lined with faux suede on the inside. This gift would be not just cool looking but also functional because if have ever played  guitar and had picks you would know that they are basically like socks (yeah I know, not the best comparison), get lost wherever and whenever. Okay, maybe the person is not as crazy about picks and instead of owning 100 they have one or two. Maybe a wallet that has an extra pick holder might be a good idea. It would integrate the musical gift with something “functional”. This Mojave Picker’s Wallet is full leather, has 3 credit card slots, cash and driver’s license compartments and finds enough space for a small pick pocket. It is simple, beautiful and elegant not to mention functional.

Guitar Holder

Maybe someone you are buying for is a college student or just does not have enough space at home to keep a guitar and all the accessories. In that case, guitar wall hangers are a great option. If you want to treat a person to a luxury wall hanger Guitar Hook that comes in 4 different veneer options and leather or wool fabric to hold a guitar (it also it good for holding ukulele). It is easy to install and has a pick slot at the top. I do not know about you but I would rather get this than 10 luxury socks again. Which reminds me I guess I should start dropping hints about someone getting this for me on my birthday.

Yes, yes, I know maybe cleaning is not the most entertaining aspect of guitar playing but it definitely is one of the most important ones. If the person you are buying for is not maintaining cleanliness of their guitar you might as well not buy them anything at all because they will either break it somehow or do not care enough about their guitar. One of the best cleaning kits I know of, especially for someone who does not have any cleaning supplies for their guitars, is Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Care. This is a 5 piece kit that takes care of all your cleaning needs. Kit includes three different ointments for different kinds of polishing and cleaning and 2 microfiber towels with stitch-free edging. I have bought this kit for my friend’s kid who just got a guitar and gave him an hour lecture about how important it is to clean the guitar (yeah, that might not have been the greatest gift).

Guitar Smartphone Holder

Smartphone or iPad holders are one of the most functional gifts you can get for anyone who is into musical instruments. No matter whether he is a beginner who is trying to learn from a sheet or an experienced player who is learning something new, these holders are great, comfortable, and practical. Yes, maybe a lot of people are still using actual sheets to play music but, let’s be honest, it is so much easier to have notes on either your iPad or iPhone. The problem with using an iPhone or iPad is that you cannot just put them anywhere without support, they might fall off. Holders will protect your expensive as hell devices for a very small cost. Griffin Guitar Sidekick is one of the most affordable and good quality iPhone holders on the market. This one is a little bit more expensive but it is adaptable for iPhone and iPads and other devices.


It is kind of a drag, figuratively and literally, to carry around your guitar everywhere so you mostly keep it at home or take it out when you know you are going to practice. But we all have certain periods in between, let’s say, classes or errands when you have a little bit of free time and you wish you had your guitar with you to practice. Guitar exercise tools are created for exactly those kind of occasions. Bestmaple Portable Pocket Guitar Practice Tool Gadget Guitar Chord Trainer 6 Fret Black is lightweight and compact so you can carry it around anywhere, practice in silence and them get back to your guitar without having wasted spare time. Another great option, especially for exercising finger strength, is Gripmaster Pro Edition. This kind of a tool isolates every finger for practice in strength and resistance. This model comes in 5 different colors that signify 5 different resistance levels of the tool so you should know more or less the skill level of a person you are buying for.

Mini Multi Tools

Maybe a person you want to find a gift for is in a band, does not have space, or wants to gig more often. They would probably need a tool set for their guitars but the thing is, most times musicians do not have enough space when traveling, that is why a lot of instrument accessories are always downsized. So instead of an entire tool set you might want to get something like Ibanez Quick access multi tool MTZ11 Guitar. It has 11 basic set-up tools and is so compact that anyone can carry it in their pockets.


Whether it is a guitar pick, cleaning supplies, or a $2000 instrument you are buying as a gift, always think about what the person likes or needs. Maybe you like the idea of getting them a set of picks, make sure they do not have about 30 laying around in their room. Or you get them an iPad holder and they do not even have an iPad. The key to buying any gifts is the thought behind it and the fact that you are on this page means that you are trying to figure out the best possible gift. I hope this list helped you or showed you the direction you should be looking at. Good luck!


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