January 27, 2013

LIVESound: My Bloody Valentine Debut "Rough Song" in London

Kevin Shields literally has us hanging onto every word as he continues to bait and tease the masses about the arrival of My Bloody Valentine's much-too-long-overdue and highly anticipated follow-up to the 1991 classic, Loveless. As the band returned to the stage tonight at London's Electric Brixton, the shoegaze icon stated that we might actually see it finally come to fruition with a possible release date within "two or three days." Keep in mind, Shields also said we would get the album by the end of 2012, and that obviously never happened. If words aren't enough to fend off your skepticism, however, here's evidence that there is indeed something in the can as the band performed a brand new cut entitled "Rough Song." Chills much?

"Rough Song" (live in London)

Looks like all videos have been removed, but here's the audio!

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