Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Outstanding sound quality and power capacity
  • Versatile features and options
  • Various connections to pair with other devices


  • Switching between effects presets can be time-consuming

The market of musical apparatus is the most bizarre creation of all time. Sometimes you come across queer combinations that sound impossible to work with. Then all you can see are expensive models that are way over your budget and leave only dreams for you to feel better. But sometimes the gods are on your side and the universe wants you to succeed. That is when you encounter affordable keyboard amplifiers that are unbelievably powerful and basically all-mighty. They are so good that you cannot even believe your eyes. And when we talk about the units that are too good to be true, we have to mention Behringer Ultratone KXD15. You might think that this is just another inexpensive model that claims to work wonders but fails, but you would be wrong (so wrong). What you are looking at is a PA system and a keyboard amplifier. Not only will it make you sound fantastic, but it will also give you so much to work with that you will be mind-blown. Intrigued yet? Then stay with me and prepare to be awed.


Behringer meant business when it was designing the feature package of Ultratone KXD15. What I mean is that they created something that fully encompasses the needs of keyboard players, takes them to a whole new level and delivers wonderful results. To achieve all that, this combo is packed with 600 watts of output power, a single 15” Turbosound woofer, and 1” compression driver. These are the main constituents to the sound this fella can bark up. However, there is more. If you are not satisfied with the lower frequency outcome, you can always connect a subwoofer through the dedicated output. Ultratone KXD15 has a 4-channel configuration, allowing you to connect multiple devices at once and layer in order to create interesting compositions. It also has in-built multi-effects processor that gives you various options to experiment with. You can choose between reverb, chorus, delay and pitch shifter or try them all out to find the one that suits your instrument the most. Behringer decided that what we have already discussed was not enough and have included numerous effects presets. You can easily scroll through them and see the number of the chosen one with the help of LCD display. Ultratone KXD15 also has a FBQ Feedback Detection system that is paired with 7-band graphic equalizer. When the device finds the frequency that is causing the feedback, it lights up the LED on the slider and allows you to clean up your sound easily.

Now, we have a bunch of sockets for various connections. The first channel has two standard inputs for your instrument and a dedicated balanced input for your microphone. The rest of the channels have dual ¼” TS jacks. Ultratone KXD15 also has two auxiliary inputs, Stereo Link sockets for using it with another keyboard (slave) amp, Line Out with two 1/4” and two XLR inputs, subwoofer output, footswitch input and a headphone output.


Let’s jump right into discussing all the knobs and controls that are jammed on the front panel. Each of the four channels has its own FX control, which modifies the level of the signal before it gets affected by the in-built effects processor. They also have Level knobs that adjust the volume of these channels. The To Line Out button passes the clean signal of channel 4 to the Line Out output, while To Main does the same thing but outputs the sound through speakers. The 7-band EQ has sliders for each of the frequencies and an FBQ button that activates the Feedback Detection system. Next we have the Program encoder. As you rotate it, you scroll through the available effects patches and when you find one, you can push it and the preset will be selected. FX Ret modifies the amount of the effects added to your clean signal. Ultratone KXD15 also has a Level control in the Master section, which sets the volume of the whole unit, Shape button that acts as a filter and adds definition to your sound in noisy environments, and Phones Level which controls the volume of the headphone output. That is basically it in terms of controls.

Behringer KXD15 Sound

Only positive things are awaiting us as we move to discussing the sound of Ultratone KXD15. Judging from the power capabilities only, we can easily assume that it can easily handle small, mediocre and even larger venues. But as you plug it in, you quickly understand what that power meant and how mesmerizing it can get. No matter how you utilize this amp, as a PA system or a keyboard amplifier, it will deliver jaw-dropping results. It can discern a wide range of frequencies and reproduce them without any distortion. The stereo setup allows you to pair two Ultratone KXD15s and create a true stereo output, which will change your game drastically. When it comes to the effects presets, you can find the ones that work perfectly. But switching between them mid-performance can be a bit inconvenient since you have to scroll through the whole bunch. The basses on this amp are fat and full-bodied, but if you wanted to enhance their character even further, you could always connect a subwoofer and you would be ready to rock. On the whole, Ultratone KXD15 has natural, organic and realistic tone which definitely exceeds the price range and shames all the higher-end models.


As you can see, I was not exaggerating when I was saying that Ultratone KXD15 was too good to be true. Its features and sound leave nothing to wish for and provide you with an enormous sonic range. When you observe everything this amplifier is capable of, then look at the price, you are left shook and confused. Because it does not make sense! But somehow Behringer managed to create such quality at a very affordable price, giving all the low-budget keyboardists the chance to shine! Get your hands on this lightweight and powerful fella and you will not be disappointed, you have my word. Good luck!

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