I have talked about the importance of gig bags and cases many times. I have actually done a post about best guitar gig bags and best guitar cases on this websites. But today I want to talk about gig bags and cases for ukuleles. While a lot of people associate ukuleles with cheaper, more affordable instruments there are a lot of models that go way above $100 mark. And even if you have a cheaper model, why not spend a couple of bucks to keep your instrument safe? A lot of ukuleles nowadays come in either bundle or just with a gig bag. While this is always a great addition to your purchase in most cases these gig bags are flimsy and won’t do much in terms of protecting your ukulele. So now I want to talk a little bit about just a few examples of ukulele gig bags and cases that will protect your instrument from accidents, humidity, and everything that comes your way.


What You Need To Know About Ukulele Bag

Now, before we get into talking about specific models, let’s talk about what you need to know about gig bags and cases. First, you have to decide whether you want a gig bag or a case. There are a few differences between the two. Cases are usually more sturdy but they are also heavier. Cases cost more than most gig bags but they offer certain features like humidity damage control. Even with cases, you have a choice of soft-shell and hard-shell ones. They all vary on how much protection they offer as well as their weight.

As for gig bags, if you do not want to carry around a heavy case but still need some mode of protection and transportation it is probably your best option. You should also consider whether you need space for accessories to keep your tuner, metronome, strings and a lot more. While gig bags usually do not provide the same amount of protection, there are a  few padded gig bags that are sturdy enough to keep your instrument tucked away and safe. Speaking of tucking away the ukulele, you should make sure that the one you buy, whether it is a gig bag or a case, has enough padding on the inside, so that your uke does not move around too much. Most times foam paddings are the best.

Just like with guitars you also consider the impact of humidity and temperature change and how this will affect your ukulele. Since most ukuleles are made of wood they usually expand and contract depending on the humidity and if the humidity levels are either too high or low this will damage your instrument. While you usually need a humidifier to protect your instrument, sometimes a case or even a gig bag, if you are keeping your instrument in it all the time when not used, can do a little bit of protection.

And since we are talking about ukulele bags, you should never forget that ukes come in different sizes. So if you have a baritone ukulele do not make the mistake of accidentally getting a soprano uke case or gig bag. While you might think that is not a mistake that you will ever make, there are quite a few people who have just forgotten about this factor.

Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

Cordoba is an amazing company that crafts some of the best ukuleles and guitars on the market. They also, coincidentally create quality gig bags at quite an affordable price. One of them is Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag. This is a soft case for tenor ukuleles that has a water-resistant nylon exterior, exterior pocket that will fit your accessories and a lot more. Apart from that this bag comes with shoulder and hand straps for premium comfort while carrying it around.

ChromaCast CC-SUPB-BAG Ukulele Padded Bag

Chromecast offers this model in all possible sizes. This is quite a lightweight gig bag that, nevertheless, offers solid build for full protection. The CC-SUPB-BAG features two pockets where you can keep your accessories and everything else. There are also two adjustable shoulder straps which have padding, so your shoulder won’t hurt if you’re carrying it around for a while. For a gig bag that costs less than what you pay for a Friday pizza and will later regret it and vow never to repeat again, this gig bag offers amazing protection and sturdy construction so you know that even if there is an accident, your uke will be safely tucked in.

Ibanez IUBC541BE POWERPAD Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

I don’t think I need to explain to anyone the quality that Ibanez offers when it comes to their guitars. Fortunately, their strive for perfection translates into their accessories and we get IUBC541BE. This gig bag, to be honest, looks like an unusually shaped backpack and in a good way. Offered in beige, black, navy blue, wine red and moss green colors with matching interiors, this model is an epitome of a simple, elegant look. The design kind of resembles what Herschel backpacks are so popular for and if you liked that style, chances are you will love this gig bag. This bag has three pockets to carry accessories and maybe even other supplies like school essentials – if you are in school, that is. With 10mm padding on sidewall and bottom and pretty lightweight construction, this model offers great protection for your instrument and comfort to you.

YMC Baritone Ukulele Hardshell Case with Plush Interior and Storage

There are too many gig bags for ukuleles and too many specifications to go through them all. So now I want to discuss a little bit cases. As I have mentions cases usually cost more but protect the uke a lot better. When it comes to hard shell cases you need to find the one that balances the solid construction and weight so that you don’t end up with a coffin for your uke that will just lie there collecting dust. One of those cases is YMC Baritone Ukulele Hardshell Case. This case offers padded inside plush lined interior along with silver finish hardware and a solid handle. There is also space under the neck if you want to store your accessories. Among hard shell cases, this model is pretty lightweight. While the title states that this is a baritone case, there are also options for soprano and tenor size ukuleles.

Kala TCC Concert Tweed Ukelele Case

If you have decided to get a hardshell case then look no further. Kala’s TTC Tweed case is for concert size ukuleles and offers amazing protection. It has space for accessories, quality gold hardware and a plush interior that will snuggle your uke.  It is also not heavy for a case and, I don’t even know if I need to mention it, is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, yeah… you should care more about the functionality of the model but Kala has got you covered on that one, so now you can think about how cool you will look with this vintage tweed case.


While there are a lot of ukulele bundles that already include a gig bag (rarely a case) it is always a good idea if you have extra time and money to invest in a higher quality product. While buying a ukulele is the exciting part you should never forget about accessories that keep your beloved instrument safe. And, of course, if you are extra diligent and do not even have a ukulele yet we have a nice list of cheap ukuleles, best ukuleles under $100 and so forth.


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