Build Quality:4.7 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Blueridge BR‌-343 Contemporary Series Gospel 000 Guitar


  • Lightweight
  • Great volume
  • Good looks


  • N/A

Blueridge BR‌-343 Contemporary Series Gospel 000 Guitar  is a part of Contemporary Series by Bluebridge that aims at creating guitars that stay true to the pre WWII built.

The name is a bit handful to pronounce but all (well, not all) you need to know about this guitar is that it has beautiful, loud sound and astonishing look that come at a very reasonable price. It will fit demands of even professional players and but at a cost that even newbies can afford.


BR‌-343 has solid Sitka spruce which is a great quality, durable tonewood that gives your guitar more textured tone. Back and sides on this model are mahogany, which usually tends to produce beautiful, woody tone. Apart from the sound, tonewood, in conjunction with a forward-X bracing pattern, creates a very sturdy, balanced tone. The dovetail neck-body joint is one of the strongest ones in existence and it is an example of how Bluebridge takes the best prewar methods and techniques and uses that for the best purposes. For some people mahogany neck on this model might seem a bit too slim but once they hear the sound of the guitar, they will definitely not think it is flimsy. For a lightweight model, this baby has amazing volume and sound.


The headstock has beautiful “Blueridge” emblem and abalone and pearl chalice and cross (it is not called “Gospel” for no reason). It also features locked ring symbol of the Trinity on the fingerboard, giving it a stunningly beautiful look. The fingerboard is made of Santos rosewood which provides the needed stability. The finish on BR‌-343 is high gloss natural shade, which emphasizes its beautiful coloring and looks. On top of that you get Rosewood bridge with black plastic bridge pins and an adjustable truss rod that provides correct neck alignment. It is not only the looks that take you back to the more vintage, old style guitars but also some of the mechanisms – the Kluson-style tuning machines have a more modern mechanism for better precision.

Blueridge BR‌ 343 Sound

This guitar sounds astounding right out of the box. The sound loud and precise. It is a great model great for any style of playing but especially fingerpicking. The slim neck makes playing easier so if you are a beginner or are not as comfortable with bulkier instruments this one is a great option. In spite of light construction, BR-343 has volume that some of the bigger-sized dreadnaughts do not have.


A perfect synergy of sound, construction, comfort and affordability, Blueridge BR‌-343 Contemporary Series Gospel 000 Guitar is an amazing model for experienced players as well as students. The light construction makes is easy to hold and provides a comfortable grip as well as many other basics, leaving you with everything you need to learn how to play or improve your style.

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