Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.7 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Unique appearance
  • Stays in tune for a long time
  • Impeccable performance


  • Comes in poor packaging

The world has seen many prominent guitarists throughout the years. Some of them played simple guitars with nothing special about them, while others mesmerized crowds with impressive designs on their instruments. Michael Angelo Batio is a virtuoso who captivated the hearts of the audience not only with his impeccable craftsmanship but also with his unique and attractive guitars. He relied on both of these as a showman and utilized his interesting instruments as a tool to perform with unimaginable speed and artistic character.

He has collaborated with Dean more than once, and this time they have delivered MAB4 Gauntlet to the world. This model represents everything Batio’s nature is made up from and happens to be one of the most distinctive pieces I have ever seen. It will be a wonderful addition to any collection, especially for those who love owning guitars that are worth showing off. Let’s begin our review, discuss all the important details about this model and unleash the beast behind it. Are you ready? – if so, then it’s time to get down to business!


If you know the character of Michael Batio, you’d figure out that his creation couldn’t have been plain. There’s no way he’d design a guitar without adding a unique touch to it. So he manufactured MAB4 Gauntlet and poured a whole bucket of distinctiveness on it. This bad boy features snake paintings on the top. The headstock continues the same pattern, but it also displays the Dean logo. My favorite part of the design is the painting of Batio holding his signature Double-Guitar, as it lets you know whose guitar you are dealing with.

Basswood’s body is combined with Michael’s special c-shape maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Bolt-on design, pearl block inlays and 24 frets are the main constituents of the latter two. The neck and fretboard were built with special attention since this guitar was created for fast shredding and movements. The scale length is 25.5 inches, meaning that anyone can hold it easily. Overall, the construction is solid – every part of this guitar was put together with a lot of attention to detail. We asked for quality and Dean delivered!


To complete the badass vibes of this guitar, Dean and Batio decided to include black hardware. MAB4 Gauntlet comes with a Floyd Rose Special tremolo bridge with a tremolo arm. It will help you be in charge of your intonation no matter how overboard you get. Grover tuners will assist you in that process as well by providing you with the ability to tune your instrument smoothly and keep it that way until you decide to change something. There’s also a locking nut that holds your strings securely.


The electronics is the part where the true astonishment comes into play. We have three pickups here: DMT Design humbucker on the neck and bridge positions, as well as a DMT Design single-coil in the middle. Such a configuration enables you to combine the virtues of single and dual coils and experiment with countless options easily. Volume and Tone controls make it possible to alter various components in your sound, while a three-way toggle lets you choose the diverse combinations of the pickups.

Dean MAB4 Sound

The sound is really hard to describe because you won’t get the chance to figure out the full potential of the guitar unless you listen to it yourself. MAB4 Gauntlet has amazing pickups, especially considering the price. All three of them have a wide range and make it possible to achieve versatile results. But if you desire something more advanced, you can always go for better pickups and, in that case, you’ll create a beast that will be really hard to tame. MAB4 Gauntlet is a perfect match for everyone who wants a guitar that’s suitable for shredding, fast movements along the neck and, generally, any technique that involves focusing on the frets.


To sum up everything said above, Michael Angelo Batio MAB4 Gauntlet from Dean is an awe-inspiring guitar considering its price range. It has the wonderful build quality and the sound is mesmerizing. Not often do we have the chance to enjoy the legacy of renowned guitarists at such a low price, so why not go for it and let ourselves dive into the pleasure. Good luck!

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