Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.7 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.7 out of 5 stars
Average:4.7 out of 5 stars

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Dean Resonator Heirloom Copper


  • Beautiful Design
  • Amazing Sound
  • Relatively Affordable


  • Low Nut

Resonator guitars are incredibly rustic, both in their sound and in their look. It is the inherent quality of the guitar which makes it so desirable to musicians, whether they are in the bluegrass genre or not. The metal guitars are an interesting instrument, impressive in their make and sound. Yet few get as good and as beautifully sounding as the Dean Resonator Heirloom Copper guitar. Let us take a closer look at the instrument and figure out what makes it so good.

Body Quality

First and foremost, let’s get what the body is made of out of the way. The entirety of the body is made out of iron, topped with some very solid and beautiful-looking copper. This gives the guitar its beautiful, rustic, brownish tinge, as well as the almost electrifying sound. The body is solid and amplifies the sound even more than what the resonator does. The body of the guitar is light and small, giving you a lovely feeling of comfort while playing. The metal is, as expected, sturdy and rust-resistant.

The neck is C shaped for easy playing both on your lap and in your hands. The mahogany, from which neck is made of, while a little heavy, does not make the guitar in any way uncomfortable to play. This incredibly sturdy hardwood fits well with the overall dark brown look of the guitar. The rosewood fingerboard on top of the neck adds even more darkness to the guitar. What you get, in terms of style, is a rustic, dark guitar fitting for the look you always wanted.

The cover plate of the guitar has a homogeneous design, with sound holes dotted into the design. What you get is a very slick, handsome-looking instrument with a lot of character. Despite the homogeneous cover plate the sound escapes out of the guitar without a single hitch or issue, leaving it with the expected powerful sound resonator guitars are known for.


The metallic bridge of the guitar is incredibly good at picking up and transferring the vibrations of the strings to the cone of the guitar. The copper covering adds a little bit of character that we all like in our instruments.

The single cone installed into the guitar is powerful. A lot of people are used to single-cone guitars not sounding as powerful as the tricone guitars. Well, the Dean Resonator Heirloom Copper is here to disprove your prejudice. This cone is here to amplify your guitar into an incredibly powerful projection.

The nut of this model is not raised as much as you might be used to in other resonators. This allows the player to play the guitar as if it was just an average acoustic guitar, if they wanted.

Dean Resonator Sound

The guitar is a shining star among its peers. It has a beautiful, electrifying tone. We can thank the copper topping guitar for that. Some of you might feel that I might be throwing the word electrifying around too easily. I am using it because I feel like at certain points during performance the guitar’s sound has qualities similar to that of an electric. Powerful sustain, beautiful resonation, great amplification. Definitely a sound to fall in love with.  


While the guitar itself is beautiful and amazing in almost every aspect, there is one more detail that will convince dozens of people to fall in love with it. The guitar is incredibly affordable for the quality it provides. So if you are considering the purchase of a resonator guitar with a lot of style and tradition, this one is definitely among the most recommended, by me at least.

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