Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.9 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.9 out of 5 stars

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Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Package


  • Rich sound
  • Easy to use electronics
  • Bargain price


  • Strings
  • Buzz before you adjust the truss rod

As a beginner, it might be a bit daunting to research hundreds of guitars to find the one and only. BUT it is a bummer that when you finally buy your guitar you realize that that is DEFINITELY not the end of your problems. Now you have to get a back to keep it safe, straps, picks, amplifiers, so on and so forth. To avoid that problem you can just go the easier way and get the player packages that are often discounted. That being said, with the “package” deals there is always a certain thing you either do not need or are … well, not the best quality. On that note, let’s discuss whether Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package might be a good option for you.


Of course, the first thing to discuss is the guitar. Why the hell else would you buying this pack for? Picks? The Epiphone PR-4E is a beginner-friendly acoustic-electric model with a spruce soundboard and mahogany body. This ensures that the sound of your guitar is rich and full. The neck is also mahogany with pearloid dot fingerboard. The vintage X-bracing on this model allows for more volume and stability while the cutaway allows for access to frets. This overall construction of the guitar creates a sturdy yet lightweight model that is easy to grip and play.

Hardware & Bundle

The  PR-4E might be a bundle deal but it definitely does not mean that it is cheap. Most of the hardware on this guitar is of decent quality. The Epiphone trademark sloped dovewing headstock with premium covered machine heads 1.68” nut and imitation bone saddle creates well-rounded beginner hardware that is easy to use. The D’Addario strings on this model are okay but I would suggest changing them to allow for better performance. As you might have figured out this guitar does not come just with regular hardware, electronics and so forth. The starter kit includes picks, strap, cable and a gig bag. All of this is more or less necessary for your performance and smooth playing. BUT most importantly you get guitar lesson DVD which will be a big asset if you are not sure whether you want to get a teacher or self-learn.

Epiphone PR 4E Sound

The overall sound of this guitar is surprisingly good for the price. There is no boominess or muddy sound that is often characteristic of cheaper models. This guitar, despite smaller size, does not have a problem with volume. The tone is balanced and the sound is warm and sweet. Of course, this is not the same quality as let’s say $500 Epiphone and has certain small issues (like buzzing which you can fix by adjusting the truss rod) but I think the PR-4E can be used as a perfect example to show that the low price does not necessarily mean bad quality because this baby definitely sounds a lot better than what you are giving for it.


Epiphone uses beginner but decent quality electronics. The eSonic2 preamp piezo pickup system with treble, middle and bass controls is intuitive and easy to use. You also get low battery indicator, phase switch control and 9-volt battery located with neat EQ controls. And of course, let’s not forget about the 15-watt Epiphone Studio Acoustic-15C with volume, gain treble, mid, boost, and bass switches. You also get chorus effect which will come in handy if you will be using this guitar along with other electric instruments. This gives you absolute control over your sound while also replicating the sound pretty well.


The only thing I can say about the Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Guitar Player Package is where the hell was this bundle when I first got my guitar and could not be bothered to research anything other than that. The PR-4E, apart from having all the nice add-ons like picks, amplifiers, DVDs and so on, is just a good quality, beginner guitars. Whether you are looking for yourself or your kid, this bundle will be extremely handy for years to come.

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