Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV 4 String Electric Bass


  • Interesting Design
  • Lovely Sound
  • Heavy Low Tones


  • Cheap Nut
  • Weaker High Tones

There is a whole lot of beauty in the unconventional if the unconventional is not done for the sake of attention but for the sake of innovation and upgrade. The nobility of unique designs is what drives me to look at guitars with updated, more interesting looks and try to make sure you, the buyer, are aware of them as well. This is why we are going to be taking a closer look at the Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV 4 String Electric Bass right now.

Body Quality

The design of the guitar is in a sense both an imitation of the existing and a variation on it. There have been several electric bass guitars in history that have looked similar to this one, and yet the Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV 4 String Electric Bass is unique in terms of what it does to its looks. It is a guitar that is smallish in size, comfortable to play and a lot of fun to have in your hands. The several different coloring options make it an interesting musical instrument to have.

The body of the guitar is made out of mahogany, which is a popular tonewood, though not too frequently used even in midway priced guitars. Still, this tonewood has many an interesting and attractive quality for any buyer looking to pick up an instrument. The most attractive of these qualities is the tonal effect on the guitar. Mahogany has a powerful resonance with the bass tones of a guitar, enhancing them and granting them more character. The spike in mid-tones is also a very attractive point for the tonewood. The hardness and sturdiness of the tonewood is highly appreciated, though the heavier weight of the tonewood makes it a little annoying.

The neck of the guitar is made out of walnut, which is not a traditional choice, or one that you see too often among affordable guitars. Though the more expensive the guitar, the more likely it is to have a walnut neck. This hardwood is known to be incredibly sturdy, making for a very good neck wood, while also having a beautiful color and grain. The neck is set through the body of the guitar, which allows some great sturdiness and neck stability. The fretboard of the guitar is made out of rosewood.


The guitar comes with a Flush Stoptail bridge system. This allows the guitar some great string stability and some lovely action, while also looking rather handsome on the guitar.

The nut of the instrument is made out of a cheaper plastic material than I prefer in my instrument. This results in the nut wearing down after a while of use, though the sound stays clean and undisturbed thanks to pickups.

The tuning machine of the guitar is well made and look rather nice on the guitar’s design. The tuning stability is not something that will be disturbing any players.


The guitar comes with two pickups, one pickup located at the bridge and the other located at the middle of the guitar. The two Epi’s premium USA humbuckers do a great job of having an actually interesting and clean sound. The two humbuckers have a very powerful output, so the player will have a great time playing them. The tonal range of the pickups is wide, with each note produced being nuanced and having the potential to be rather interesting.

The controls on the guitar are fairly simplistic and minimalistic, with two individual volume knobs and one master tone knob.


The Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV has a very interesting sound. The tones produced are powerful and loud, latching on to the brain of the listener and musician alike. The tones are biased towards lower and bass tones, which is to be expected with a bass guitar, though in the case of this instrument the mid and high tones remain expressive and interesting. Overall the sound is destined to be a great fit for most genres but will work especially well with rock and roll.


Overall this is one interesting bass guitar. It produces a great and interesting sound at a great price. The look of the guitar is unique and interesting so the buyer of the instrument will have a great time having it.

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