Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Fender FVP‌-1 Volume Pedal


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Clear and pristine tones


  • A bit heavy

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Fender? The answers to this question can be diverse as hell, but for me it is the build quality followed by their guitars. You can go on contemplating and think of their amplifiers but I do not think that many of you would put an emphasis on their effects pedals. That is not because they suck, not at all. It is just that this huge company is renowned for their bigger creations and we all love it for that. But when it comes to stompboxes, they still carry the same patterns as other devices – a.k.a. they are amazing. One more reason to love Fender, am I right (as if anybody needs one).

Well, today I am going to talk about their outstanding volume pedals, FVP-1 in particular. As you look at it, this baby speaks to you in the language of sound and appearance and lures you into its webs more and more. It captivates your bank account, your rig and everything you own as it forces you to spend the coin and purchase it. If you are anything like me, you will adore this one. If not, the chances are, you will still like the things it offers. Let’s see!


As I said, it takes just a look in order to become completely enchanted with the pedal and that does not happen too often. There is something about it that draws you to it and makes your heart beat faster with every glance. The exaggeration aside, Fender FVP-1 has die-cast aluminum chassis that is topped with a hammertoe powder-coat finish on the base. This thing will withstand any level of abuse. You can run it over with a track and perform the same day easily. It is heavy and sturdy, assuring you that it will stay intact no matter what.

It has a minimalistic design with rough and pointy edges. Compared to other volume pedals, this one is quite compact so don’t worry about it occupying your whole pedalboard. What is more, FVP-1 features a special tone circuit that guarantees to retain high frequencies even at lower volumes. This means that your sound will not get messy and muddy no matter how quiet you go. This unit does also have a separate output for tuners. This way you can route your signal through this pedal to a tuner and an amplifier simultaneously and, thus, avoid any tonal loss.

Let’s not forget that FVP-1 is passive, meaning that it does not need any external power for operation. It creates the sound using a 250kΩ potentiometer that has long lifespan. All the inputs and outputs are located in the front of the panel, so this baby will take up as little space as possible. On the whole, FVP-1 does not have any innovative or distinctive features, but it does not need any. Everything it comes with is perfectly usable on daily and will help you with your tone with its simplicity.


We all appreciate it when our favorite pedals have a bunch of usable controls. Not only do we appreciate it, but we also have a sort of fetish that makes us try out every single overcrowded layout. Such an attitude stems from the notion that the amount of tweakable options equal to diverse possibilities. And it is not far from the truth. However, not every single device is the same. Some types of effects do actually need a complicated control layout, but simpler effects, such as volume, do not require much sophistication. That is why the majority of such pedals have only a few controls available. It varies depending on the brand and since we are talking about Fender here, let me tell you what options we got here.

So basically the only control you have is the taper itself. This huge rocker goes from heel to toe position and changes the volume of your sound accordingly. The outcome of your movement largely depends on the tension of the pedal, which is why it is a good thing that you have the ability to modify it. The rocker has textured surface that grabs on to your foot and does not let go off it. This way you will feel secure while playing and have more control over the sound. It would be nice to have a minimum volume control, but the chances are you will not miss it in most cases.

Fender FVP‌-1 Sound

When you plug this bad boy in, you will not notice any changes in your tone. Yes, you will hear the volume alterations immediately, but the signal will not be affected. In other words, Fender FVP-1 will adjust the level without changing the color in an artificial manner. Your sound will remain organic and natural at all times, no matter how drastic your movements are. It is true that it retains high-end clarity at lower volumes. It does not get dark or muddy, as there is not too much lower end at this position.

But as you start increasing the effect, you will start to notice that all the frequencies are coming together. It is quite easy to produce even sounds with this pedal, but if you want to go crazy with swells, the smooth action of the rocker will allow you to do so. FVP-1 will not feel like a separate device. Rather, you will feel so comfortable with it that you will not even notice that it is there. Clarity is the priority here and the tone suction does exist in the realm of this pedal.


You get exactly what you would expect from a Fender pedal – high quality construction and performance that will set a high bar no matter what you put it against. You can navigate through it by changing the position of the rocker and there is nothing else you will ever need. And it all comes at a fantastic price point. If build quality and tonal purity are your priorities, you will not find a better option than this one. Good luck! 

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