Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.7 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Great value for money
  • Includes some essential accessories
  • The guitar sounds decent


  • Doesn’t have the best build quality

We’re so lucky that the market has so many options for those who are on the budget. In today’s world, no one will be disappointed, as you can always find something that soothes your heart, and at the same time, doesn’t empty your bank account. Such options are available from every brand (almost) and better still – as bundles.

Do you know what this means? This means that you make a single purchase and get everything that you might need as someone who’s just starting out. Bundles are a great way to save money and time and can be an easy solution for anyone in a specific scenario. Today we’re going to talk about Fender and their Squier Sunburst Bundle. Not only does it include a decent guitar, but it also comes with all the essential accessories. It’s an affordable option suitable for anyone, but if we’re being honest, it’s a better match for beginners and students. After all, it’s not a secret that professional players require something more sophisticated. If you want to find an ultimate bundle that will be there for you before you’re mature enough to move on to a scrupulous piece, then you have to stay with me and read this article carefully. I’ll do my best to satisfy your curiosity. Let’s begin!  


Fender Squier Sunburst (SA-150) is a dreadnought acoustic guitar, which has a decent build quality, even though it’s not the best. It’s only natural that it’s not built with fancy wood – we can’t really ask for that at this price point. The top is made from Lindenwood, while the back and sides are built with mahogany. These woods are laminated, which isn’t surprising at all. It’s quite a common phenomenon with similar guitars. It’s needless to say that this fella will last you for quite a long time.

The fact that it has a laminate body and top doesn’t mean that it won’t withstand everyday use. SA-150 will remain in perfect shape, even with your inattentive beginner hands. Such models are great, because you won’t feel too sorry if you scratch them or your clumsy hands do some damage to them. Once again, you can be abusive here, but you should know your limits. I don’t think that even high-end models can handle frequent drops. Be careful and everything will be fine! It can easily be said that SA-150 dreadnought is a wonderful piece, considering its price and build materials.


Fender Squier Sunburst SA-150 features a slim mahogany neck that is easy and comfortable to play. You won’t have to stretch your fingers as much as you can to access the strings, which is a wonderful thing, really. The pain we experience from steel strings is enough of a headache – we don’t want the width of the neck to add up to that package, do we? The fingerboard is built with dark-stained maple, which seems to be really smooth to the touch. In practice, that means that you’ll be able to transition between the chords and move up and down the fretboard with ease. It’s worth mentioning that you won’t find rough or uneven edges here, which is something we should all appreciate. Pointy frets and bleeding fingers won’t bother you either.

Since SA-150 is a true acoustic guitar, we don’t have any kind of electronics here. But since it’s a part of the bundle, we have all the accessories that you might need in the beginning of your journey. This set includes a gig bag, tuner, strap, strings, picks, string winder, Fender Play (easy-to-understand tutorials and lessons with well-known songs) and Austin Bazaar instructional DVD (some tips to improve your playing). All of these have decent quality and can be quite useful for everyday use. As you learn your guitar better and start taking good care of it, you can always purchase additional accessories or invest in those that have better quality. But for a cheap bundle, these are better than great!

Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle Sound

The sound is the part you’ll be the most skeptical about – the lower price always forces us to question the tone of our guitars. But I can assure you that this isn’t the case where you have to worry about anything. SA-150 has a wonderful sound – since it has a dreadnought shape, it’s loud and vibrant. Individual notes are well-defined here and have a distinctive character. No matter which technique you choose, this bad boy is suitable for most of them. Be it strumming or finger-picking, you’ll certainly be able to achieve beautiful results. The tonewoods make it warmer and richer and for something that costs so little, this fella is actually surprising. It’s better than one would expect and you have to play it to believe what you’re dealing with. As I have already mentioned, transitioning between different chords or riffs is a piece of cake here, which does also improve its sound. The strings are not bad either, but if you dislike them, it will cost close to nothing to purchase a better set. Overall, SA-150’s sound is defined enough to help you in the learning process. Just don’t expect it to be suitable for gigs – it isn’t and, let’s face it, it’s not supposed to be either.


I don’t think you need much more to figure out the worth of this bundle. Fender Squier Sunburst SA-150 is one of the best options you can get in the cheaper range. Its build quality is good enough for beginner needs, while the sound is truly better than expected. If you are a mature player, you might need something better, but it’s still up to a guitarist. Some want a simple instrument, while others long for sophistication. Either way, you have nothing to lose – that’s how affordable it is. The bundle lets you have a whole package in terms of accessories. Let me ask you – what else could you possibly need at this price point? Good luck on your way to tasting Fender magic!

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