Build Quality:5 out of 5 stars
Hardware:5 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:5 out of 5 stars

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Godin 031498 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Guitar


  • Professional electronics that give you full control
  • Good quality tonewood
  • Amazing amplified sound


  • Basic hardware
  • Gig bag  (I would expect a solid case for this price)

As a more experienced player or just someone who is on the market for a more high-end acoustic-electric guitar, Godin offers the 031498 Grand Concert Duet Multiac. This model offers great playability, top electronics, and quality tonewood. Basically everything you can expect from a guitar that is in out top classical guitars under $2000.


The Grand Concert Duet Multiac offers a solid cedar top coupled with C-shaped Honduran mahogany neck bolted to the body at the 12th fret. In combination with the chambered mahogany body which, if you have not noticed this “small” detail does not have a soundhole, this model is pretty lightweight without the construction affecting the tone in any negative way.  When you pick this guitar up you will realize that although all these specs like mahogany neck and cedar top might sound nice on their own, Godin manages to put and fit them together to perfection. What you end up with is a playable, lightweight (but not too lightweight) guitar that is a breeze to play.


While the tonewood and construction on Godin 031498 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Guitar are close to perfect, the hardware is pretty unnoteworthy.  With a pretty comfortable 2″ width nut, dual-action truss rod, slanted headstock and Godin tuners you get a good treatment but nothing that is worth $1600. On top of that, you get a good quality gig bag. Then again, with guitars over $1500 range I expect a solid case which will do a better protection. Not to be too harsh, I think this model is more focused on delivering the tonewood in combination with the electronics rather than hardware.

Godin Multiac Sound

While a nice acoustic guitar on its own, the Godin 031498 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Guitar shows its sound attributes the best when amplified. I mean, there is no soundhole, for crying out loud, but even with that, the acoustic sound is pretty decent. BUT once you plug this baby, you know you hit the jackpot. While you can maneuver the sound any way you want (God knows, Godin made sure you have all the tools for that) the overall amplified sound of this model is beautifully clear and balanced. There is no buzz or feedback while a bast control of the sound lends you on the steering wheel.


As you might have figured out at this point, the main advantage of this guitar lies in its electronics. Godin chose to equip this model with custom Fishman electronic system that allows for treble, mid, bass, blend controls as well as master volume. On top of that, there is an undersaddle transducer blendable sound imaging mic with 4 settings. This allows for as much versatility and control as is possible on pretty much any guitar in its price range. I do not know if I should even mention there is no feedback because it is pretty obvious to the amount of work and money put in the electronics. Overall, I think this system pretty much excuses the price range of this guitar.


Although an acoustic-electric guitar, the Godin 031498 Grand Concert Duet Multiac Guitar heavily leans towards its electric side. While the hardware is pretty basic, the electronics lift this model up to the higher price range and higher quality, overall. This model is also available in natural high-gloss, lightburst high-gloss or white high-gloss.

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