Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.7 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Comes with everything you’ll need
  • Good craftsmanship
  • Full-bodied acoustic sound


  • Might have some buzz while strumming
  • Included tuner doesn’t have the best quality

No matter how much we pay – 200 bucks or 1000 – we always want to get our money’s worth. With expensive guitars, you get top-notch quality and that compensates for the expenditure. But with more affordable options, it’s usually the accessories that turn a simple guitar into a real bang for the buck. Such sets are a wonderful option for anyone, who doesn’t need a sophisticated instrument and is too lazy to shop for individual accessories, as well.

Your search for a bundle, pick out the one with a decent guitar and you’re good to go – you have everything you will need (at least in the beginning). In the modern world, where we have hectic lifestyles, every minute matters. That’s why such deals are such an amazing idea. If you’ve been playing guitar all your life, I’m sure you won’t even consider such sets. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t really need anything else. Today I’ll talk about the Ibanez IJVC50 pack, which includes the necessary accessories and comes with a badass guitar. The price is ridiculously low here, which means you don’t really have anything to lose. If you’re a beginner and are looking for a simple instrument for your first steps, then this article will be really interesting for you. Don’t you worry about anything, fella, we’ve all been there! Let’s begin our journey!


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that jam packs change everything. What I mean is that they make decent guitars and accessories accessible to anybody – their low price makes them attractive. But the truth is, no matter how little we spend, we still want to receive something that works, something that we can get a lot of use out of. That’s why Ibanez IJVC50 is so wonderful. Even though it’s extremely affordable, it still looks rather impressive. The included guitar has a concert shape and has the same size as the average full-size guitar. It’s slightly smaller than our beloved dreadnoughts and is different in terms of shape as well: its curves are deeper and the shoulders are rounder. Just by looking at it, it’s easy to understand how well it’s going to hug your body. It will sit comfortably on your knee and turn your first steps into a process that you’ll really enjoy. The design is quite mainstream – it has a natural gloss finish, black pickguard and a multi-band rosette.

More importantly, the included guitar has a spruce top. It’s not a solid wood, which means it doesn’t have the best quality in the world (it would be insane to ask for that). Yet it’s still rugged enough to last you through all your beginner years. The back and sides are made from laminates, as well. The neck and fretboard are easy to play. They both seem to withstand the tension courageously and offer enough flexibility to help you master those chords. Even though we can’t expect top-notch craftsmanship here, it’s obvious that the body is still well-constructed. Ibanez has done an amazing job once again!


As mentioned, the components of the included guitar have everything it’s needed to make sure the instrument is decent. We’ve seen that in terms of build materials, and the same goes for hardware, as well. The bridge features a classic design – there’s nothing extraordinary about it. Yet it’s capable of holding the strings really well. When it comes to nut and saddle, don’t expect any real bones, but do expect parts that will still do their job decently. Tuning machines are surprisingly smooth and are capable of completing their tasks perfectly each time. After all, these little puppies have the tendency to amplify or ruin everything on their way. It’s a good thing that they do the former with this guitar.

Since we’re talking about a jampack, not an individual guitar, I have to mention the accessories this puppy comes with. You’ll find a gig bag and an electronic tuner (maybe some picks and other accessories, as well). The latter works just fine, but it’s not as accurate as one would like it to be. Either way, these accessories are great to have on hand, especially as a part of a bargain. They will get you started and you can always find better deals once you gain some expertise. It’s all a process of improvement, am I right?

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar Sound

Let me start this section with a disclaimer: when I say that such an affordable guitar sounds amazing, I compare it to other guitars in a similar price range. It would be nonsensical to take a high-end, even a midrange guitar, play it next to something that costs around 100 bucks and start discussing the differences. Every guitar out there has a purpose and, trust me, that purpose differs a lot as we move up the price range. With that in mind, I honestly have to say that this guitar has wonderful sonic capabilities. It’s not flawless: you’ll notice some buzzing, but it’s fixable (and won’t cost you a lot of money either). Yet the sound it emits is still well-defined. You’ll hear the individual notes, which is crucial, especially for beginners. You can try some strumming as well, since this puppy manages to retain its dynamics quite well. It’s a guitar that will satisfy all your sonic needs while you are a beginner. Will it last you for more than that? I don’t think so, but it’s always up to an individual player. I can’t dictate what to do – practice and experience will give you the answer.


All in all, Ibanez IJVC50 Acoustic Guitar Pack is probably one of the cheapest deals you can get. The included guitar is wonderful for beginners, as it offers effortless performance. It comes with some of the essential accessories that will help you out a lot. After all, nobody wants something overcomplicated when they are just starting their journey. The process of learning guitar is a pain in the neck on its own. Good luck and I hope this pack is your lifesaver!

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