Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Mooer MCS2 Yellow Compression Effects Pedal


  • Really transparent
  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet
  • Does not alter the tone


  • You cannot adjust release and attack
  • No battery option

As the hackneyed saying goes: greatness lies in simplicity. Though this quote has been used too many times in all the scenarios, the meaning behind it is actually true. It is even more accurate in the case of electronic equipment, since the best apparatuses are generally rather straightforward. Who wants to mess around with their devices for hours in order to emit one note? I guess only those who love themselves a challenge. But the majority of us would rather spend that time on creating, rather than wasting it trying to figure out what is what.

Such attitude of the customers is not a secret to the brands either, which is why they try to incorporate all the useful features without making things overly complicated. And such attention to details never stays unnoticed by the customers and they return the favor by coming back to their favorite brands. Mooer took the same turn and created a compressor that is wonderful and user-friendly at the same time. MCS2 Yellow Comp has a lot of perks that will force you to fall in love with it. Want to know what exactly makes it so amazing? Then stay with me and I will provide you with all the answers. Let’s begin!


When talking about the feature set of effects pedals, I try to mention everything that could be important while making up your mind. That is why I always do my best to provide you with multifaceted information – after all, you have to pick out a single product out of the ample choices. What I am trying to say is that Mooer for me stands out a great deal in its price range, since its quality is often very similar to that of higher-end models. That is the case with MCS2 Yellow Comp as well. Its enclosure is made out of metal, which means it can take up a hit or two.

Of course, you should still take care of it, but if you drop it accidentally, you will not have to throw it in the dumpster. It will still work. And that is a great value for the money. It has a true bypass, which means that the pedal will operate quietly and, thus, eliminate the possibility of your sounds getting sucked. It has an on-board EQ, which you will not always come across with in such units.

One minor downside here is that MCS2 Yellow Comp does not have the option of being powered by a battery. You can only use a power adapter, which is what we do anyway. But it would be nice to have a choice, am I right? But I guess that is natural since the enclosure is so tiny. It could easily fit in a pocket – that’s how small it is. And its bright yellow chassis makes everything even better. I do not think that anything can beat MCS2 Yellow Comp at its price point. Thumbs up, Mooer!


As mentioned above, Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp is extremely user-friendly. And that would not be possible if the control section was overly crowded or sophisticated. It is just the opposite – we have only three knobs that provide us with all the control and tweakable options we need. In other words, we do have the essentials. Some might complain about the lack of Attack and Release, however, when you hear the sound of this one, I do not think you will wish for anything (let’s not be picky). Let’s see what tonal options this tiny fella can provide.

I want to start with the most obvious encoder that every single effects pedal is equipped with. Yes, you have guessed it, I am talking about the Volume. This control is self-explanatory but let’s explain it anyway – it changes the level of the output and allows you to set it in accordance with the rest of the chain. We also have EQ, which changes the color of your tone. With a simple twist, you can move between accentuated low-end and high-frequency shimmer. The star of the show is, certainly, Comp, which modifies the intensity of the effect. The combination of these three controls is all you will need to create different flavors of compression. It goes without saying that we have a True Bypass footswitch that triggers the circuitry and activates the pedal.

Mooer Yellow Comp Sound

The sonic capabilities of Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp will probably make you wonder, why you were not buying this bad boy before. It operates colorlessly, which means it will not make your sound artificial or weird. Rather, it will tame anything you dislike and create smoother output. Its transparency is what I love the most about this pedal. It does not interfere with your dynamics or character, it simply makes your sound fuller and more pronounced. And those are the qualities that all the compressors should have, in my opinion.

The equalizer is a pretty typical deal, but it is very useful – with just a twist you can brighten everything up or go lower and achieve that unique compression. Though MCS2 Yellow Comp lacks a dedicated knob for Attack and Release, its circuitry is built in a way that diminishes the necessity of those controls. It blows my mind how Mooer achieved so much with such tiny dimensions and a low price. I guess they are developing themselves more and more with each and every product. This pedal deserves nothing but appraisal in the sonic section!


In conclusion, Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp is one of the best compression pedals in its price range. It could even compete with higher-end models, which is an amazing compliment to any product. It has a quality, wonderful sound and quite a few options to work with. What else could we ask for? Nothing much, if I am being honest. Yes, it has some minor downsides, but they are not big enough to pay attention to. After all, we can all turn a blind eye on the lack of batteries, am I right? Get your hands on it and let’s see what your opinion will be. Good luck!

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