Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Extremely versatile
  • Offers a lot of control
  • Can be paired with an App and other devices


  • Mode selector is a bit hard to access on the fly

Throughout the years of pedal production, one thing has been made clear numerous times: modern times require contemporary approaches. The development is so fast nowadays that if the brands do not catch up with it, they will remain in the shadows for the rest of their lives. Nobody will even consider their products since they will not be able to withstand competition.

That approach is somewhat negative, yet it roots positive changes: manufacturers are always motivated to create innovative products to satisfy their customers. And the results are mind-blowing. Those who have experienced the scarce resources of the past will be particularly shocked by everything that is made possible in this day and age. Spectacular, isn’t it? Today we are going to talk about Source Audio.

This brand has been the definition of modern touches as they always create pedals that are steeped with newer possibilities and features. Their Mercury Flanger is so versatile you will not believe your eyes and ears when you plug it in for the first time. It opens up countless sonic doors that will expose the territories that you will never want to come back from. If you want to find out more information about this capable beast, then keep on reading and scrutinize all the details carefully. Let’s begin!


As I have mentioned above, Mercury Flanger from Source Audio has a full package when it comes to the versatile features. There is hardly anything it cannot do or achieve with its layout. This baby has anodized aluminum chassis that protects high-grade hardwire, letting you take this thing anywhere and abuse it as much as your heart desires. It will withstand any violence and perform regardless of your vigorous utilization. What is more, it has a stereo operation that adds more dimension to the overall performance.

It offers three different modes that diversify your choices quite a bit: you can employ Classic, Thru-Zero or Shadow modes and experiment with everything they give you access to. Mercury Flanger has a 4-band parametric EQ that allows you to fine-tune your sound and make detailed modifications. But all that I have just described is simply a joke compared to the options you get with the help of Neuro App and Hub. The former provides you with the option to access different effects and in-depth controls, while the latter lets you store up to 128 presets that can be utilized with the pedal.

This way you get so many things to work with, you will end up fiddling around quite a bit. If you thought that was more than enough, well, we have some more. Mercury Flanger has a USB port that can be utilized for MIDI functionality. This way you can control various parameters via Neuro App or Hub and become a real studio professional. This fella can be powered via an adapter which is included in the package. What a mouthful, ha? It goes without saying that his pedal is one of the most versatile flangers out there and I bet you will agree with me as soon as you try it out.


Considering the fact that Mercury Flanger can be controlled with Neuro App or Hub, you basically get two sets of control. On one hand you have onboard switches, while on the other you have software that can tweak even the tiniest detail. I will not touch up on external control options since that would keep us here for days. But I will give you a brief overview of onboard controls so that you get at least a basic idea of what is going on here.

First up we have Depth. It alters the depth of the Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO) and, thus, determines how powerful and defined your flange is. Next, we have Speed which sets the rate of the effect and lets you get really crazy. It is followed by Resonance, which feeds the output signal back into input and allows you to experiment with intense, bright sounds. The last encoder here is Delay, which modifies the delay time in the delayed signal. We have one more switch that is called Effect – it enables you to choose between Classic, Thru-Zero and Shadow types of flange. Finally, we have a true bypass (which can be set to buffer if needed) switching with a complimentary LED to make sure you know if the effect is activated or not.

Source Audio SA240 Sound

The flange is something that not everybody falls in love with from the first sight. But when brands managed to capture their true character, they become irresistible. That is exactly what Source Audio has done with Mercury Flanger. They have created a beast that can bark up some of the most versatile sounds out there. If it did not have three types of effect or Neuro compatibility, it would still be in the top league. But with those added properties, we have something that is too good to be true.

This baby offers three different flavors of flange: Classic mixes together the original signal and its clone and creates the sounds that can be reminiscent of chorus with longer delay times; Thru-Zero tries to emulate the feel of vintage tape flange effect, where certain phases get canceled out and you can here that queer yet satisfying inversion in the frequencies; Shadow basically does what the name indicates – it creates a subtler shadow of flange and then mixes these together for more interesting results. Do not even get me started on the tones you can create with Neuro App and Hub, since that is just impossible to cover within a single article (or a book). Mind-blowing stuff!


All in all, Source Audio Mercury Flanger should be the first choice you consider while searching the market for the best flanger out there. Its versatility is really hard to compete with and the sonic quality is hard to replicate. The possibilities you get here are out of this world, trust me. Man, this thing just works wonders. If you are not into flangers, it will force you to reconsider your attitude, that’s how good it is. Good luck!

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