Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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  • Extremely compact
  • Countless options with the help of the TonePrint App and Editor
  • Sounds the same as the original


  • Limited on-board controls
  • Cannot be powered with batteries

I decided to start this article a bit differently and ask you one question directly: if you had the chance, would you substitute your standard pedals with their mini variations? In other words, would you give up the versatility for more space on your pedalboard that could be filled with more effects? If you contemplate carefully, you will find that this question is a bit dumb, since it asks you to choose between two types of versatility.

On one hand you have several diverse effects, while on the other hand you have numerous effects that diversify your sound with different layers. Though it is completely a matter of taste, I, myself, find it hard to lean towards either answer. I would probably say that at the beginning of your career you are better of with many micro pedals. That is the stage where you are not sure which effects are for you and want to try out multiple options.

But as you mature as a musician, micro pedals will be for those days when you want to take it simple, avoid tweaking and just enjoy your performance. Regardless of your answer to my initial question, today I will introduce to you the Hall of Fame Mini Reverb from TC Electronic. This tiny fella has a lot to boast about and I am sure this article will change your mind if you are skeptical of mini pedals. Let’s get started and see what the capabilities of this bad boy are!


If you have played with TC Electronic pedals before, you will know that the majority of their products has TonePrint enabled. This means that you can connect the stompbox to your computer or phone and access the software in order to access more options. The ability to use some additional help is always amazing, however, it is especially ingenious when it comes to the mini pedals.

The brand solved the problem of tiny footprint (i.e. too little space for detailed controls) and made their Hall of Fame Mini Reverb compatible with TonePrint. This way you can utilize the reverb of the stompbox, or access the app and download the best reverbs from TC Electronic. It is as if you had multiple generations of reverb stacked together on your pedalboard. Plus, you can also utilize TonePrint Editor that allows you to make detailed modifications in your pieces.

Sounds interesting, ha? There is more. This compact fella has a True Bypass that avoids any loss in the frequency spectrum of your tone. It also has an Analog-Dry-Through, which means that your sound remains analog as it passes through different stages of signal processing. It does not get converted to digital, guaranteeing to maintain the original qualities of your tone. Hall of Fame Mini Reverb works wonderfully with your guitar and FX pedals, in case you are employing various audio effects. It goes without saying that this baby can only be powered with an adapter since there is no space for a battery in here (yup, it is that small). It will not be a surprise to anyone if I say that the body seems sturdy and durable, just like with other products from the brand. Cool stuff!


When it comes to the controls of TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb, there is just as little to say as the footprint of this one. What we have here is a single knob that tweaks and alters only a single parameter. This does mean that you have limited options in terms of on-board controls, however, you can modify countless settings if you enter the TonePrint Editor. Old-school musicians will hate the process of fiddling with the software, but there is nothing else you can do. If you are content with the available single encoder, then you will not have any problems. If not, you do have to utilize the editor.

Regardless of such limitations, I do not think that Hall of Fame Mini Reverb does not offer enough control. The knob I mentioned above is Reverb, which changes the amount of effect added to your sound. You can choose to be subtle, but if you get bored with careful settings, you can always turn the knob clockwise and explore extreme territories as well. Of course, we have a footswitch that activates the pedal and allows you to start playing with a simple tap.

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Sound

The reason why a single-knob layout makes sense is that Hall of Fame Mini Reverb sounds wonderful on its own. The pre-recorded reverb has perfect tonal palette and the effect itself has enough character and definition to force you to forget about modifications. However, most of you will not probably settle for such simple attitude and that is when TonePrint comes into play. The available reverb types are truly magnificent – their expansive feel will lift you up from the ground and enable you to float in space without the sense of gravity.

This tiny fella has a clear sound that does not get distorted or noisy at any stage of performance. The true bypass keeps your tone intact, while analog-dry-through maintains the original qualities of your instrument or signal chain. Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb is the best option for those who have enough patience to explore the potential of the TonePrint App and Editor. This way you will have numerous options available and you will not lack any onboard controls at all.


To sum up, everything said above, TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb is one of the best reverb pedals out there. It has the same sonic capabilities as the original but saves you a lot of space with its tiny enclosure. It is not the most versatile pedal out there, however, it quickly becomes feature-laden with the help of the app and software. If you are open-minded and if you love innovative devices, then you will fall in love with this pedal in no time. Take it slow, explore the TonePrints and the Editor and you will enter a mysterious, yet wonderful world of sounds. Good luck!

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