The music industry is now witnessing the rebirth of ukuleles. Even though they have always been quite popular, nowadays they are catching on even more and more. Why, you might wonder. Well, the reason is simple: they are extremely easy to master, are convenient to carry around due to their smaller size, and have a very distinctive sound.

Discover why a badass ukulele is the perfect go-to instrument for beginners. Unsure of what to look for? We’ve got you covered with the factors to consider and how to choose the perfect instrument for your musical journey. Start strumming today!

Best Type of Ukulele

Ukulele Bodies and Sizes

When it comes to beginner ukuleles, the body and the size of the instrument play a significant role in the learning process. If the uke is too big or too small, it will be hard for you to master the chords. We can distinguish between different body types of this instrument based on its dimensions. I will discuss all of them and try to articulate, which one is the best fit for beginners.


Soprano ukulele is the smallest variation of the widespread sizes. It has a standard tuning of G-C-E-A, which means playing it is a piece of cake. If you want it for kids or yourself and have tiny hands, the soprano ukulele will be perfect, since it is only 21” long. Soprano ukuleles have very distinctive sound, but they are not that loud compared to other body types.


The concert ukulele is a bit bigger than the soprano. Its body measures 23”, which means it has an enhanced fretboard and way more space for your fingers. Due to this reason, concert ukuleles are particularly popular with beginners, who do not need a huge instrument but cannot work with a soprano’s compressed fretboard. The tuning on this one is standard as well, namely, G-C-E-A. Briefly, you cannot possibly go wrong with a concert ukulele.

Ukulele Body


Tenor ukuleles have a body length of 26”, which makes them fall between small and big sizes. If concert ukuleles are still too small for you, you should go for this one. Its long fretboard makes it easier to master the chords. Tenor ukuleles have the standard tuning (i.e. G-C-E-A) and that classic sound we all admire. Due to the larger body, it is louder than sopranos and concerts, so keep that in mind.


Baritone UkuleleA baritone is where things get a bit more interesting. The biggest fella in the uke family measures 29” and creates a bit different sound. The tone it produces is way louder and more elaborate than the other types we have discussed. It is worth mentioning, that its tuning is a bit altered: instead of standard G-C-E-A, we get D-G-B-E here, making it go lower than usual. Baritone ukuleles are tailored for those who are used to the size of the guitar and want to try something different.

These four types of ukuleles are the most ubiquitous variations. For beginners, it is recommended to go for concert ukuleles, however, it still depends on your preferences. I would suggest trying them out, holding them in your hands and testing the feeling of the instrument. This way you will be sure of what is best for you.

What Makes Up the Best Beginner Ukulele

When choosing a beginner ukulele, size, and body type are important, but don’t forget to consider price and sound. These two factors are closely connected and crucial to finding the best option. Let’s explore how they play into your decision. Let’s clear one thing up: you should always judge the instrument in its price range. The ukuleles under 100 bucks will most likely be perfect for beginners. They have good build quality and the sound they produce is more than amazing for constant practice. If you do not have a limited budget and want to treat yourself, you can definitely go for something more expensive. It would be nonsensical to deny that higher-end models have a more elaborate and organic tone due to the wood used. At the end of the day, it is completely up to you.


This sums up the quest for the best beginner ukuleles. There is an abundance of choices on the market, however, if you keep these tips in mind, you will easily find your soulmate. Do our research and you will be good to go. Good luck!


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