Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.7 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent Guitar


  • Great to travel with
  • Silent
  • Affordable for what it offers


  • Despite being compact it is not that lightweight
  • For traditional players this might be a hard one to get used to

Let’s assume you are a professional musician that has to travel a lot or a beginner leaving in small space with instance neighbors who start screaming at you the moment you make a single sound (totally not an example taken out of own life). In one case you need a compact guitar that will be easy to drag around and in the other, you either need to play very quietly or you know… move. OR what you can do is get Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent Guitar. This is an amazing solution for both situations but those are not its main advantages. Let’s get into it:

Build Quality

The first time I saw  SLG series I thought there was an alien race that brought their guitars that somehow did not have any of the requisites that normal guitars have. That being said, this is, for the lack of a better word a gorgeous model that I would want to have despite the fact that I am not travelling too often and no longer have psychotic neighbors. The neck on this model is made from mahogany, the frame is rosewood and mahogany with rosewood fretboard and bridge.

I think, for a lot of people, this model looks more interesting or decorative BUT Yamaha’s expertise makes this model an amazing guitar with great sound that can be played very low and made to sound like an acoustic guitar. The neck and body are slim enough for comfortable travelling, you can just put it into a small gig bag, throw over your shoulder and take it into the plane with no problem. The negative space (aka basically no body) of this guitars is not there just to stare at in awe, it is very functional because it eliminates the feedback problems while also having a resonance of a full body, acoustic guitar.


The SLG200N comes with SRT Piezo pickups that are amazing for live performance and SRT thomann mic modelling preamp system (Neumann U67) with under-saddle pickups. The finish is beautiful translucent black but it also comes in different finishes. And for anyone buying this model specifically for travelling, it comes with a handy dandy soft bag that is slim enough to fit in the overhead compartment. Or if you bought it for silent play features, it comes with in-ear headphones and 2 AA batteries.,

Yamaha SLG200N Sound

When you have a regular acoustic guitar and have to practice very quietly, chances are you will not achieve the sound that you want. With SLG200N you can get amazing sound and tone without disturbing anyone, and hear it in your headphones and develop your skills by understanding and hearing what your issues are. It is astounding how this guitar mimics the sound and tone or a full body guitar while at the same time offering so much more that regular guitars cannot. The pickups and preamp system make your performance realistic without any feedback if you are playing in front of the audience.


The SLG200N is yet another testimony to Yamaha’s strive for perfection their guitars and providing necessary tools for their clients. This model offers great electronics that make the sound beautifully mimic full body guitars while also being more compact and easy to travel with. You probably can get a full body guitar for a much lower price but for everything this model offers it is definitely a winner not only among travel guitars, “practical” guitars for silent playing but also in great sound, construction and electronics.

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