June 1, 2011

Song Review: Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Had"

Thank god for Beyoncé, because without her impending return in 2011, mainstream pop music would be going down the Gaga garbage chute. If there's anything we learned last year from Robyn, it's that commercial pop can be done well as long as you bring all that you have to the table, and B definitely brings her A game on the upcoming radio single, "Best Thing I Never Had," off her upcoming LP, 4. Like her 2006 hit, "Irreplaceable," it's another self-empowering anthem with Status Update-worthy lyrics for her single ladies scorned by a not-so-great lover. Driven by a power play piano-drum melody reminiscent of Tupac's Bruce Hornsby-sampling "Changes," Beyoncé's vocal range wears the emotional weight as it rushes out like a waterfall as she tears into her ex with a kissoff, getting some coy digs in along the way ("Thank God you blew it" / "Thank God I dodged the bullet...," "Bet it sucks to be you right now...") While it may not be Beyoncé in her most classy or composed state of mind, "Best Thing I Never Had" shows that some pop divas can wear self-confidence better without any silly costumes in tow.

Beyoncé - "Best Thing I Never Had"

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