Build Quality:5 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.9 out of 5 stars
Sound:5 out of 5 stars
Value:5 out of 5 stars
Average:5 out of 5 stars

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Taylor 150e


  • Great Sound
  • Beautiful Design
  • Consistent Sound


  • Bulky

The 12-string guitar is a marvelous instrument that requires a lot of mastery both to play and make. So it warms my heart to see that there are manufacturers who do the instrument justice. The Taylor 150e is a 12-string acoustic guitar instrument made with quality and integrity in mind, designed for players looking to produce a truly great sound. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes this instrument such a great piece of art.

Body Quality

The shape of the guitar is the dreadnought. This allows the guitar to fully express all of the nuanced sounds that comes with a 12-string guitar. It also makes the guitar bulkier and heavier, but it is a tradeoff you have agreed to make the moment you decided to pick up a 12-string guitar. The projection ability of the guitar is incredible, with each and every note having its own, individual personality in the sound. The basses are of course powerful, but so are the rest fo the tones.

The guitar top is, at this point already traditional, Sitka Spruce. This hardwood has a long history with acoustic guitars, because of its ability to resonate the beautiful mid and high tones in a manner that brings out the true expressiveness of the tones. The handsome coloring and grain of the wood play a great role in why this guitar looks as good as it does. The back and sides of the guitar are walnuts. This tonewood lends a lot of fullness to the tones of the guitar, further enhancing the capabilities of each tone. The lows become thicker and fuller, the mids more expressive than ever and the treble becomes heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The legendary sturdiness of the walnut cannot be denied as well.

The neck of the guitar is made of a beautiful and ever so sturdy sapele. The neck joint is specifically designed to withstand the pressure that the 12 strings put onto the guitar. The ebony fretboard creates a beautiful contrast with the bright body while being smooth and pleasant to play. The fretboard is enlarged to accommodate the 12 strings.

The bracing is specifically designed to hold the 12 string bass guitar well together, while also enhancing the sound further. Overall the construction of the guitar is top-notch.


The bridge of the guitar is made of ebony. This material is exceptional in its sturdiness and objectivity in terms of warming the tones. While the effect of the bridge in the tones of the guitar is usually neglectable, it is always nice to see an ebony bridge on any guitar.

The nut and saddle of the guitar are made of Tusq and Micata respectively. Each is a great material in their own terms, allowing for great harmony in the strings and reducing the string noise by a whole bunch. Both of these things are essential to any 12 string guitar.

The tuning machine on this guitar is top-notch as well. You would have to be top-notch to bear all the pressure that the strings will be inflicting upon the tuners.

Taylor 150e Sound

All 12 strings guitars have an exceptional sound, thanks to their unique build and all of the strings they have. The true power of a good 12-string guitar lies in its ability to individualize the strings and tones, distinctly emphasizing each. This is what the Taylor 150e does so well. Giving the space to each string to showcase its sound, the guitar sound divine. Something you’d expect out of a 1000-dollar 12-stringer. Vibrant, powerful and distinct, this guitar gets all of my love for its sound.


The Taylor 150e is one of the best 12 string guitars you will ever get to see or touch and its not even priced as high as some of the best ones out there. Seemingly devoid of any problems, the only thing you might find problematic is how bulky the guitar actually is. Though this is a thing with all 12 string guitars. I definitely recommend this guitar to whoever is trying to start their 12-string journey.

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