Build Quality:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.9 out of 5 stars
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars

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Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to play
  • Good Sound


  • Needs retuning quite a lot in the beginning
  • Bridge is not as sturdy

Epiphone, founded in 1873, has been on the market for over 140 years. The company’s lasting existence and prominent reputation are not an incident, it has been producing some of the most beloved products for professionals as well as beginners. They have basically tapped into every possible audience and style that are out there. There is so much one can say about this company’s expertise and strive for perfection but instead of talking about that let’s discuss one of their models that epitomizes the company itself – the Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar.

Body Build

This is a dreadnought-style model that gives your guitar astounding volume and a bigger tonal range. Although dreadnaughts are amazing there is one big problem with most of them: they are humongous. Epiphone is here to change that. Despite the guitar style, this model is not bulky at all and is easy for beginners as well as someone who struggles with bigger guitar styles.  The back and the sides on Pro-1 are made of mahogany while the top is made of selected spruce and sealed Proprietary bracing making the sound more clear in high and low ranges.

Good quality material is definitely one of the biggest ways to enhance the sound on your guitar while also making it a lot more comfortable in your hands. This model is specifically designed for easy play. You might think that means that the company intends to push this model mostly to beginners who are not as comfortable with guitars as someone who has played for several years but that is definitely not the case. This model is great for professional use as well and makes hours of excruciating practice more bearable for players of any level.


The hardware of this guitar is focused on bringing as much comfort to the player as possible. PRO-1 Ultra neck on this guitar is designed specifically to put less strain on your hands when you are forming chords. Their JumboPR frets are taller and wider than the regular ones, making fretting notes and chords easier for you. Creators at Epiphone also decreased the scale length (distance between saddle and nut) making strings looser causing less string tension and easier playability for you. The action is much smoother and there is less buzz with a new PRO-Ease strings and fingerboard coating. This model is equipped with the Ultra-Light strings which have lighter gauges thus making your playing less strenuous and more enjoyable (and of course if you want heavier strings, you can have your pick). And the Dual-Action truss rod makes it possible to adjust your neck in both ways which makes it easier to control and set up and the NuBone nut on this one makes your tone that much better, especially at this price range.

Epiphone Pro 1 Sound

Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar brings beautiful vibrant sound that gives full tone that everyone will enjoy. The original strings on this guitar are Epiphone Pro-1 Ultra-Light Acoustic Guitar Strings and the lighter gauge makes is easier for you to play as well as provides some bright sound. When it comes to the sound and playability of a guitar it is always hard to make a general judgment because so many guitars have very polarizing receptions from players, while for some a guitar might have a rich and beautiful sound for others it might sound flat. The main thing to keep in mind is a guitar is your canvas (oh yeah… I went there) and what you make of it is what you get. Whenever you get a new guitar, including Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar make sure to spend some time playing it, retuning and maybe restringing so that you can achieve the sound you want.


A guitar that is easy to play, easy to maintain and has a beautiful, full sound at this price range is hard to come by. If you are searching for an instrument at an affordable price for yourself, if you are a beginner, or for your kid- this is a definite frontrunner.

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