July 19, 2011

The Hunting Accident

If there ever were such thing as a supergroup made out of grossly underrated indie ambassadors, The Hunting Accident would be it. Comprised of Travis Shettel and Aaron Stuart from the now defunct, beloved and dearly missed Boston hardcore-indie act, Piebald, Nate Greely of former Sub Pop power poppers, Arlo, Pete Beeman of Burning Brides and Ryan Jebavy of Nighttime (and also, according to his Facebook profile, a Music Programmer at Napster?,) The Hunting Accident is defined both by its past and a reinvented future thanks to this new chapter in each of its members musical careers. Based out of Los Angeles, The Hunting Accident delivers a style of guitar and piano-driven indie rock that sounds like anything except sunny southern California. In fact, given a brush-up on each of the members' past work, their soon-to-be-released self-titled 7" is infused with the classic rock-meets-Midwestern emo-punk elements of late-era Piebald and the addictive hooks and melodies of Arlo's releases. We've seen how well The Get Up Kids have grown into a similar mold in recent years, and there's definitely room for more of this in the music scene considering recent nostalgia of like-minded bands from that era. At the moment, The Hunting Accident are keeping themselves close to the west coast with a small summer tour, but the arrival of their 4-song 7" (which you can stream in its entirety at their Bandcamp page) on August 16th via The New Black Records should direct more ears toward these well-deserved rockers.

The Hunting Accident - "Big Mistake"

The Hunting Accident - "Important"

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