Build Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.8 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.8 out of 5 stars
Average:4.9 out of 5 stars

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Cordoba C9 CD-MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar


  • Great tonewood
  • Amazing sound
  • Comfortable


  • There are some people that say that the top wood is too soft
  • Might not be that affordable for beginners (but for a contra argument read the review)

Luthier Series guitars are some of the most renowned models that Cordoba has created for an obvious reason – they are affordable without compromising the quality of the construction and sound. And yes, I said affordable although this model comes at around $800 but once you pick the C9 CD/MH you will know that you made one of the best decisions and investments in your life that will last your years and years to come.


The C9 CD/MH has a solid Canadian cedar top with Indian rosewood binding and Spanish-style fan bracing that ensures its stability. The nack and dies are made from mahogany while the traditionally shaped neck is made of rosewood with a rosewood fingerboard that makes playing this guitar exceptionally easy and pleasant even for novices. The carefully chosen tonewood enhances the volume and sound of this model while also making it more durable. Luthier series’ signature rosette, a mother-of-pearl inlay are inspired by the 1920s style. Nylon string guitars are usually more lightweight to allow better resonance and vibration and this model is definitely one of the best examples of that. And last but not least, the finish on this model is high gloss PU it is not thin and well spread out so as to enhance the vibration and help the tonewood breathe and age well.


Cordoba equipped this model not only with some of the best tonewood but also amazing Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a two-way adjustable truss rod that allows for adjustable relief on the neck and Cordoba Premium Gold Tuning Machines which make the somewhat daunting task for beginner that much easier. This model is shipped with Savarez Cristal Corum strings that complement the sound of this guitar and are perfectly chosen (of course, if you have a better string set in mind you can easily change them). As a sort of a bonus you also get lightweight polyfoam case which might not be as great at protecting the guitar as a solid case but certainly does its job pretty well.

Cordoba C9 Sound

This model is superior in sound and playability to a lot of other models in its price range (as well as in higher price ranges). The comfort that the neck provides along with lightweight construction gives you all the necessary prerequisites to blast your favorite tunes, practice or gig. The rich bass and treble, great volume and astounding, balanced tone are just some of the few things that the C9 model boasts.


The Cordoba C9 CD/MH might come at a high price for beginners but if you are looking for a beautifully made, well-constructed model that has astounding sound and only gets better with time if you properly take care of it then this model will not seem expensive at all. Of course you can opt for a $200 model but in most cases these models last a year or two before they start deteriorating in sound that is why I think in the long term you would be making a better investment.

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